Go leisurely

  • Out of the supermarket, he saw Zhang Meng standing in front of the window of a gift shop and looking inside carefully. It was early autumn. White shirt, jeans, small leather boots, short leather hunting suit, full of youth. Liu Zhiheng looked at Zhang Meng's profile under the neon lights. It was so beautiful. There are several pictures full of children's fun in the window, which make people laugh. Liu Zhiheng is a little angry, her boyfriend went abroad for half a month and came back without looking for her, she still has the mind to look at paintings here with great interest. After a while, he saw Zhang Meng go to the shop. There were not many pedestrians. He drove closer and rolled down the window. Through the glass door, he saw her carefully studying all kinds of goods inside. The young lady was really leisurely. After a long time, Zhang Meng came out of the shop. Liu Zhiheng wanted to turn around and stop her across the street, only to find that she was attracted by the window of another shop and stopped. This time it was a silver shop. Liu Zhiheng regretted that he had helped her find such a central community. According to the speed of her shopping now, she could not go to a few shops when they closed. Was she thinking about him? Liu Zhiheng lit a cigarette in the car with annoyance. Zhang Meng stayed in the silver shop for a longer time. Liu Zhiheng started his car to leave. He felt ridiculous. He looked at her from a distance like a 16-year-old middle school student. Zhang Meng came out of the shop, put his hands in his pockets, went to a fresh milk house, asked for a glass of milk and drank it slowly, while browsing the windows of several shops. Liu Zhiheng guessed that she might not have had dinner, some worried,heavy duty cantilever racks, looked at her for a long time, thinking that she was heartless and carefree here, but his heart was at sixes and sevens, and chagrined, stepped on the accelerator and left. When Zhang Meng got home, he stared at his cell phone in a daze. He came back yesterday, but he didn't come to her. Why? The day before yesterday,industrial racking systems, I sent her a text message on time, saying that I missed her. How could I come back and ignore her? Professor Tang also went to his house, but he didn't come to her. He also bought a lot of food waiting to be cooked for him. Thinking like this, his eyes gradually floated with mist. She went into the kitchen and cut an orange, which was a little sour, so sour that her tears fell down. Liu Zhiheng waited for a day and couldn't wait for Zhang Meng's phone call. He couldn't help being flustered. The woman he used to date always asked after him every other day. In this case, he had already come to visit him. Zhang Meng was arrogant and ignored him, thinking about how much he had spent coaxing her and how many good words he had said to make the relationship between them a step forward. Did he want to fall short of success? He felt that he had done the biggest stupid thing in his life. How could he explain to her now that he had returned home for three days without looking for her or making a phone call or sending a text message? He drove downstairs to Zhang Meng and looked at the light in her room, not knowing what to do. How can I be so calm? Zhang Meng has been abroad for three years, and she may see the etiquette between friends such as kissing goodbye as usual. It's really ungraceful for her to make a mountain out of a molehill. Brother Qiang called to hold a wedding with Ah Hong at the farm on Saturday. He was happy that their love affair for many years had finally come to an end. Brother Qiang did not forget to tell him: "Bring your girlfriend. Ah Hong likes her very much. He always says he wants to recognize her as his sister." He promised, thinking about how to use this as an excuse to find Zhang Meng. Coming back from class at Z University, Zhang Meng felt a little hungry and was too lazy to cook, so she took out a bag of instant noodles. Today is the third day, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, Liu Zhiheng still did not come to her, Zhang Meng thought that maybe it was really over between the two, the heart was dull pain, from when he would also be so worried about another man besides Zhang Ping. She is a little angry with Liu Zhiheng, since it is a play, why do so lifelike, let her gradually indulge in it. Remembering what he said to Chu Yang that day, yes, adults in their thirties, after experiencing their own emotional frustrations, where will there be the enthusiasm and persistence of that year, suddenly disheartened. Eating instant noodles, I remembered Liu Zhiheng's appearance when he made hand-rolled noodles for himself, wiping his tears and scolding him bitterly in his heart, "Liar!" On Friday, as soon as Liu Zhiheng woke up in the morning, he texted Zhang Germination: "Are you free on Saturday?" Although it was only five o'clock in the morning and it was still dark outside, he could not leave room for himself. He did not sleep well these two days. He scolded himself for asking for trouble. The text message did not come back until ten o'clock in the evening, and he leaned back on the sofa in a daze. Call Zhang Meng's mobile phone, the mobile phone is turned off, call home, no one answers. It's ten o'clock in the evening. Where else can this girl go? He drove to Zhang Meng's downstairs again. Light, even faintly see the figure behind the curtain, she is deliberately, deliberately drag him back to the text, deliberately do not answer his phone, she is angry, she still care about him? There is a trace of sweetness in my heart when I think like this. She must be so angry that she has a stomachache? He was distressed and looked at the faint figure for a long time. Liu Zhiheng knew from Ah Hong that Zhang Meng would also attend the wedding, and that she would not be able to lose her temper in front of so many people. Instead, she would be easier to deal with than when they were alone, so she went to the farm early to wait for her. When Ah Hong saw him, she asked Zhang Meng why he didn't come with her. He explained vaguely that he had something else to do. Ah Hong was very busy as a bride, so he muddled through with him. By the time the banquet was about to begin, there was no sign of Zhang Meng. Liu Zhiheng was a little worried, so he called Zhang Meng. After more than a dozen calls, no one answered. He had to bite the bullet and ask Ah Hong whether Zhang Meng would come or not. Ah Hong did not care to ask the reason. He said anxiously, "She came out early. We talked on the phone more than an hour ago. I thought she had arrived early. What's going on?" Next to a girl interrupted: "There was a car accident on Binhai Avenue. There was a terrible traffic jam. The sound of traffic was broadcast just now." Liu Zhiheng suddenly turned pale and said, "What kind of car crash?"? When "It seems that the car hit the truck." Liu Zhiheng took out his cell phone and dialed the phone again, his hands were shaking a little, but no one answered. He turned to Brother Qiang and said, "I'll go and have a look." Brother Qiang grabbed him and said, "Don't panic. It must be all right if there is no phone call now. It's just a traffic jam." Liu Zhiheng dialed his cell phone again and walked out with a cold sweat on his back. Just then, Ah Hung laughed and said,metal racking systems, "I'm coming!" Zhang Meng pushed her way through the crowd and said, "Ah Hong, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late." 。 kingmoreracking.com