The Legend of Seven Nights of Naruto

  • The two ninjas were solved by Sasuke and Naruto in an instant. The third ninja saw that the situation was not good and wanted to run away. At this time, Shino's voice came from behind him: "Do you still have a way out?" Then, only to hear a scream from the ninja, a battle without any suspense ended. Then look at the leader of the waterfall village, Shiki. At this time, he was scared out of his wits, holding his head and throwing himself on the ground, shivering. Naruto said grumpily, "It's really troublesome. I didn't expect the leader of a village to be a coward.". Hello hello! I said why are you still trembling? The battle is over. She Mu then stood up and looked around for a while. After making sure it was safe, she said resentfully, "Who are you, the blonde kid, calling you a coward? This adult is just trembling with excitement." Naruto's face was cold, and he immediately wanted to rush over and kill the guy, but he was still suppressed by the reason in his heart. Then Naruto sighed leisurely and said, "Ah!"! In that case, let's finish the task here. Anyway, our task has been completed. With these words, Naruto turned to go. "Wait a minute, please help me. I'll give you another commission," she said. Naruto's vanity has been satisfied, can not help but secretly pleased in the heart,heavy duty metal racking, then lost no time to say a sarcastic remark: "If I had known this, why did I have to!" Sasuke looked disdainfully at Naruto and said contemptuously, "!" Next, Sakura takes care of Aunt Zhiyue, who is seriously injured, while the other four go into the village with the wood. The location of the waterfall village is really hidden, I believe that if there is no one to lead the way, ordinary people really can not find it. It was difficult just to get through the cave hidden behind the waterfall,industrial racking systems, where there were many forks in the road. Even if you find the right way, you have to go through a tortuous waterway to get there. Under the guidance of Shiki, a group of five people successfully landed. Awesome! What a huge tree! I have never seen such a beautiful place. When he saw the towering trees in the waterfall village, Naruto couldn't help but marvel. Sasuke looked around for a moment and said to himself, "It's too quiet. It's a little scary." Zhi Nai straightened his glasses and said to himself, "Have you come already?" With this idea, six or seven ninjas flew from all sides. Four people are prepared, dodge to avoid this wave of attacks, and then tacitly back to back to form a "" array. You guys are pretty good! Nakamura Younai raised the water whip in his hand. "But that's the end of your luck," Sogi echoed. Yu Ren's other team leader, Mao Wada, said, "You are really wordy. Just kill it." Say, see three rain endure very tacit understanding in their hands of the water whip into a triangle, Naruto four people trapped in the center of the triangle, shuttle rack system ,asrs warehouse, as the triangle gradually shrinks, four people's situation is more and more dangerous. The chapter of all Chapter 03 War of Heroes (03). "Ah!" I heard the screams of four people in Naruto's line. The original three Yuren's water whips were attacked with electric attributes. As the scope of the water whip triangle gradually narrowed, Naruto's line, which formed the "" array, was trapped inside. At the same time, it was also attacked by thunder and lightning on the water whip. Hum! Sure enough, they're just kids playing ninja games! Saki disdains the tunnel. But at that moment, something strange happened. The besieged Naruto and his party suddenly turned into a puff of white smoke, but it was Naruto's shadow. Then Naruto's rich voice came from behind a crowd of rain ninjas: "You third-rate exiled ninjas, don't jump to conclusions, OK?" "Humph," said Sasuke! Konoha Ryu ninjas are not as vulnerable as you think. "What!" "When..?" The rain cried in great surprise. It turned out that what came out of the water was Naruto's shadow Fen Shen in order to detect the actual situation. At that moment, Naruto did not answer. He was about to go up to meet him, but was pulled by Shinai: "Naruto-san, you'd better go and take Shigeki to a safe place first. These small trash fish will be handed over to us.". ” Only then did Naruto remember that they had a coward's bodyguard, but then he discovered a serious fact, yes, their bodyguard was missing. Naruto thought that the wood was hiding in the water because of timidity, so he plunged into the water to search. And Sasuke, Shino and Hinata three people at this time also launched an attack on the rain. I saw Sasuke suddenly jumped up, quickly knot seal: "Fire Dun. Impatiens Fire Art!" A large area of Impatiens fire went down, and a group of minions fell down one after another, leaving only Saki, Yuna Nakamura, and Mao Wada. Then, Hinata meets the female ninja Yuna Nakamura, Shino meets Saki, and Sasuke meets Mao Wada. Ha ha, the little girl is not cute at all, do not stay at home, come here to learn what ninja games people play! Yuna Nakamura sneered. Hinata put on the posture of the Hijikata family and said earnestly, "Aren't you also a woman?" "That's different," said Yuna Nakamura. "You should know that some people are born to be ninjas, and some people can't be ninjas no matter how hard they try." "No," said Hinata! Never as you say! After a pause, Hinata continued, "My instructor and my family used to say that I was not fit to be a ninja, but when I was in the country of Wen, Lord Gudaimu Hokage taught me what a real ninja is.". And my companions, Li Luoko Jun, Naruto Jun.. They are all fighting for this. So, it turns out that becoming a ninja has nothing to do with other factors. The key is to see if you have the consciousness and perseverance to become a ninja. "Pop, pop, pop!" Yuna Nakamura applauded and laughed, "Oh, it's a wonderful point of view, but whether you are a real ninja or not has to be proved by your strength." Hinata put away his posture, put his hands together,medium duty racking, and said earnestly, "I have this intention!" Then he heard Hinata shout, "Open your eyes!" 。