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  • Original Title: Advertising Bronze Medal Customized Metal Bronze Medal Production-Detailed Introduction to Production Process! The copper signboard is a signboard product made of copper or copper alloy, which is widely used in the signboard fields such as barnyard boards, medals, machine panels, equipment nameplates, badges, copperplate etchings, etc. Copper and its alloys are nonferrous metals. The unique color and texture of the material itself are deeply loved and recognized by the vast number of consumers. With the continuous development of metal surface treatment technology and the gradual improvement of people's appreciation level, the surface treatment technology of copper signs is constantly changing with the times and changing with each passing day. First,mini tape measure, determine the size Cut the copper sheet according to the required size. Tailoring should be square, the four corners are 90 degrees, the four sides are folded or welded, the edges are folded to the back to form 90 degrees with the bronze plate,seamstress measuring tape, and the edge width is generally 2-3 cm. 2. Clean the surface and wipe it twice with clean gauze dipped in xylene or gasoline to remove the oil stain on the surface of copper sheet. It is better to use xylene. If there is no xylene or gasoline, it can also be replaced by hot water mixed with high-efficiency washing powder. When using xylene or gasoline, open fire and smoking are strictly prohibited. Dry gauze should be used to dry the water after wiping with washing powder. And 3, polishing treatment, namely putting the cleaned copper sheet on a grinding wheel for polishing, and then putting the cleaned copper sheet on a cloth grinding wheel for polishing until the copper sheet is bright. If there is no grinding wheel, custom tailor tape ,bespoken tape measure, it can be replaced by carbon color. The method is to hold a straight ruler in the left hand and press it on the copper sheet, and then rub it back and forth with carbon color in the right hand until the surface of the copper sheet is shiny without concave-convex and sand holes. 4. Printing Use carbon paper to print the text that has been set out to scale (with a photocopier or slide) onto a copper sheet. Top grade smart manufacturing-advertising bronze medal production 5. Stick adhesive tape and engrave characters. Seal the whole bronze plate (including characters) with transparent polyester adhesive tape with strong viscosity. The adhesive tapes shall be covered and sealed in the shape of fish scales. Paste 2 layers and then use a sharp utility knife to carve out the text, that is, there is no tape in the text part. Carving should be careful and not out of shape. 6. The carved characters are not sealed with adhesive tape. At this time, 30% nitric acid solution is poured on the characters. Wear rubber gloves during operation to avoid burns. The concentration of nitric acid can be controlled by oneself in practice, and the time of low concentration is longer, otherwise the time is shorter. After pouring the nitric acid, you should use your hands (wear gloves) to touch the words from time to time and feel that there is a certain depth, that is, stop the corrosion and quickly wash off the nitric acid with clean water. Then remove the tape and dry the water stain. 7. Polish the bronze medal again with cloth grinding wheel or carbon color. Expand the full text VIII. Painting treatment 1. Spray transparent baking varnish or baking varnish on the copper sheet. Spray painting tools can use air compressor, if there is no air compressor can also be replaced by manual sprayer. Before spraying, the paint should be diluted with xylene or banana water until it can be sprayed into mist. 2. Paint the text with red or black baking paint according to the customer's requirements. 9. Build a simple drying room for baking treatment. It is better to lay iron sheets at the bottom and inlay iron sheets all around with an area of about 1 square meter (according to the general size of bronze medals). The built-in iron frame is used for bronze medals. A 2 kilowatt electric furnace or heating wire is placed under the iron frame (a leakage protector is installed in the room). Put the bronze plate into the oven, close the oven door, and electrify. Bake for 1 hour at 120 ℃. At this time, the baking paint is firm and the copper sheet is shining. The grade of copper signs is composed of three factors: (1) Modeling design. It should be practical, novel and unique, with the flavor of the times, outstanding and extraordinary. (2) Material selection. It should be cheap, firm and durable, easy to process and cost-effective. And (3) that proces is excellent. It should be simple, easy to operate, suitable for large-scale production and standardized. Top-grade intelligent manufacturing As an integral part and element of the environmental space, the sign guide system often plays the role of finishing touch. If the forest is the lungs of the city,bespoken tape measure, then the sign is the bright eyes of the city. If culture is the essence of the city, then the logo is the essence of the city. If the people are the image of the city, then the logo is the symbol of the city. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.