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War demon

  • "Master I thought you were going to give me what kind of task did not think just set a fire nothing to do!"! I didn't even touch a soldier's hair I burned and killed Tu Zhenfang in Crouching Tiger Canyon I thought I could have a good kill in Shanggu But these flying thieves didn't even fight They opened the city gate directly and smiled all over their faces which made me have no place to get angry! Think of my fiery Kirin how to say is also a member of the tiger how now reduced to and Yang Yong as ambush Fu Ling was savoring the tea and after hearing the last words of self-boasting and belittling Yang Yong a mouthful of hot tea spurted out and I was the first to be sprayed Yang Yong had already raised his eyebrows and said "Xiang Laosan tell me clearly what ambush is like me!" Embarrassed Fu Ling wiped the tea from my face and repeatedly apologized I Dyes and Pigments looked southbound and asked "Brother Xiang are you unhappy because you didn't kill the enemy" "Yes even Qiuyu Sister and Zhongli Sister's Iron Girl have gone to battle to kill the enemy but my fiery Kirin has done some arson I feel a little sad!" To the south he said in a deep voice ignoring Yang Yong's murderous eyes I smiled and looked southbound "three elder brother don't worry you know this time we attack Tianjing is not our ultimate goal our purpose is to occupy the flying after the bird's eye view of the whole continent so we only use the minimum cost in exchange for the greatest results can avoid killing we will never be impulsive because after we occupied Tianjing Also facing the counterattack of worshipping Shenwei that is the biggest enemy for us to fight this time Relatively speaking Feitian is just a paper tiger in my eyes which is not worth my attention at all! We occupied the two male can be said to be flying barrier if we forcibly attack not impossible but that is bound to pay too much price we March four ways Liang Wang there is bound to face a series of tough battles his force consumption will not be small and Huang Mengjie long-distance secret raid is bound to become a tired army so when we are surrounded in Beijing The main attack task is bound to fall on our heads if we attack forcibly along the way to Tianjing how much strength do we have to fight against Tianjing's stubborn resistance Southbound face a little better I stood up and walked to his side said in harmony "Three elder brothers we ask for victory I only want the result for the process in the middle I do not care!"! Fighting is not just relying on strength but more on our wisdom the two armies against each other it is only the inferior of the battle array the key lies in the use of our wisdom! Since I returned to Kaiyuan last year I have been thinking about how to pull out these three passes I use rumors to divide my opponents at Monan Pass and then repeat the same trick Chemicals Suppliers Then I use the emergency of Monan Pass to transfer the enemy of Shanggu and annihilate them with fire! I want time! Qian Yue at the moment is estimated to have led five thousand people into the fish Yang now Zhao Jie must be fully prepared for war waiting for our attack hey hey today is the tenth day of April according to our speed we should arrive in twenty days after the fish Yang but I don't move I want to let them wait waiting is the most able to wear away their fighting spirit we want to launch a huge battle in the fish In order to deter Tianjing is the third brother still afraid of not fighting "Oh" Looking south he looked at me and whispered in my ear "Zhengyang I want to be a pioneer in the battle of Yuyang!" "Ha ha ha!" I heard laughter "the third brother rest assured you are indispensable!" "Hey hey!" He went south with a contented smile I walked slowly to the map hanging in Shuaifu thinking "Then how is Wang Ye going to command the battle of Yuyang" All the people in the hall gathered around me when I stood in front of the map and Zhong Lishi asked slowly "This battle lies in an illusion of time first of all we suddenly rest will certainly relax Zhao Jie's vigilance Yuyang's defense is bound to be lax so we have to have a suspicious soldier this suspicious soldier will be stationed in the upper valley in fifteen days do not move fifteen days later suspicious soldiers March to slow the invasion but also to create the illusion that our army Food and Feed Additives has become exhausted in Yuyang!" When I said this I looked at Zhong Li and Zhang Yan and said slowly "Zhong Li Junshi Zhang Junshi I think this suspicious soldier will be led by you and me But we only have ten thousand troops but we have to use these ten thousand troops to create a hundred thousand army Zhong Li Junshi and Zhang Junshi we have to think about it!" Zhong Li Shi looked at the map and thought for a moment Suddenly he said with a smile "If it's just to create momentum not to mention one hundred thousand even two hundred thousand can be created!" I smiled and nodded "clock from the strategist we this suspicious soldier is the key to the battle of Yuyang can't reveal the slightest flaw so we must be careful to be careful again as long as we can in 25 days not to be found then we will win the battle of Yuyang!" "Zhong Li understands!" Zhong Lishi said with a smile "Fu Shuai you immediately prepare our troops after midnight tonight the whole army secretly pulled out day and night to Yuyang in order to reach Yuyang within 25 days!" "In this way we can give Zhao Jie a second illusion that is our army is still on the way the enemy is just a vanguard force he must do his best to eat the vanguard force to boost the morale of Yuyang as long as he is willing to fight we will defeat the basalt corps at the gate never give him any chance!" After listening to my words Fu Ling hesitated and said "Marshal my regiment has been fighting for nearly a year since June last year The soldiers have been very tired Will this kind of fighting cause complaints from the soldiers" 。