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Love and marriage

  • Growing up he played games with her and never won Including the bet Nan Yili has never won her So the last time he made a bet to promise the other party anything she agreed without thinking but who knows So many years have not won her Nan Yili unexpectedly won! It must be luck she thought! She is not convinced and must gamble again! "Well you can bet with me whenever you want!" Nan Yili agreed with a gentle face Before that you can't say I'm your girlfriend again! Gu Tiantian then reminded him in case this is heard by others Catalystsa specially enlarged his brain I residual fans will tear her hand! "Good!" Nan Yili readily agreed that she would lose to him anyway Listening to their conversation Su Xingyue covered her lips and smiled then took out her cell phone and glanced at the time It was getting late and she should go to have lunch with Nan Yuling Just as she turned to go Gu Tiantian suddenly turned to look at her Aunt I'll go first "Cough" Aren't you going with Yili Su Xingyue was stunned and then asked in amazement No I'm in trouble if I'm photographed I don't want to be in the headlines all the time! Gu Tiantian didn't even think about it so she refused directly She had better stay away from him in a public place like the airport All right then Su Xingyue had no choice but to agree Gu Tiantian turned to leave but unexpectedly when Su Xingyue left with Nan Yili a few minutes later he saw Gu Tiantian surrounded by a group of reporters who had been lurking in the hall for a long time holding a camera Gu Tiantian who was surrounded by reporters had a bad face Although Gu Tiantian has not been on fire her popularity has improved recently due to her diligence in filming so many paparazzi know her Looking at such a picture Su Xingyue can not help but worry a little about Gu Tiantian Jiangcheng Airport has a large flow of people If she is surrounded by people all the time it will only attract more and more onlookers Don't think about leaving the airport for a while Ma'am would you like us to come over The bodyguard on one side came over and asked Su Xingyue in a low voice No I have an idea! Su Xingyue waved his hand and said confidently and when he finished he could not help but turn his head and take a look at Nan Yili who covered his face with big sunglasses and a cap He was about to call someone to pick up Gu Tiantian with his cell phone All right Hearing what Su Xingyue said the bodyguard nodded Su Xingyue coughed cleared her throat and then shouted at the top of her voice exaggerating Ah Are you Nan Yili My God so handsome! "Mom" Nan Yili's body tightened Chemicals Suppliers his face changed in an instant and he looked at Su Xingyue in disbelief She just sold him so readily Su Xingyue gave him a polite smile! Sure enough After Su Xingyue's voice sounded many people turned their heads and looked this way and at a glance they saw the slender prominent man beside her Hearing the name of Nan Yili the reporters who had surrounded Gu Tiantian seemed to have picked up a treasure and rushed towards Nan Yili at the speed of a rocket! In less than a minute Nan Yili was surrounded by all kinds of reporters and fanatical fans and the number was still increasing rapidly From time to time there were screams from fanatical fans Because the posture was too big the airport security was alarmed The scene can be said to be very lively Looking at Nan Yili who was completely unable to walk Su Xingyue felt a little guilty but she could only shrug her shoulders Long heard that her son is very hot until today she is seen well her boy is really very popular this posture seems to be no lower than the movie king Chujos! …… Gu Tiantian was very annoyed by the reporters but suddenly after a scream sounded the reporters quickly dispersed It took her a long time to react and when she turned to look at the past Nan Yili was already surrounded and could not see anyone She froze there and then remembered the scream just now Why does that sound so familiar Just when she was confused she saw the figure of Su Xingyue walking leisurely towards her Then she suddenly remembered something and looked at Su Xingyue in surprise Aunt Was that your voice just now Su Xingyue did not feel any guilty but nodded as a matter of course At a time like this there is no better way than selling your own son Who told that boy to be red! “……” Gu Tiantian's face was full of shock Su Xingyue like a person who had nothing to do smiled and reached out to hold Gu Tiantian's hand and then suggested Forget about him Let's Catalystsa go to lunch Chapter 1274 of the main text does not want to owe him a favor at all As soon as the words were finished Su Xingyue took Gu Tiantian's hand and prepared to leave But Gu Tiantian suddenly stopped Aunt this is not very good Gu Tiantian looked at the crowd and then looked at Su Xingyue This moment can not help but doubt Nan Yili in the end is not her own Hearing what Gu Tiantian said Su Xingyue could not help smiling and then pretended to be indifferent and said What's wrong with that It's just a little more surrounded by people Nothing can happen "But" The expression on Gu Tiantian's face was still a little worried Looking uneasily at Nan Yili who was blocked by the crowd over there I couldn't help thinking of a very lively news before Just last month there was a popular male star who suffered because his fans were too fanatical and his bodyguards were not enough to maintain order at the airport The so-called fanatical fans broke a glass door at the airport while some anti-fans took the opportunity to smash the male star's forehead with their cameras The male star's forehead was broken with a lot of blood and was taken to the hospital on the spot And the actor's management company until now is still engaged in a lawsuit with the fans who took the lead in making trouble Think of here Gu Tiantian heart can not help but a little worried