Teddy Counterattack Guide by ¥ Ya

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    "What does Yan Yan want to do?" Gu Jinglin liked the pet dog sent by the bad friend very much, and felt a little uncomfortable about sterilization. After thinking about it, he said, "Why don't I find a little bitch for you when the time comes?"? Or buy a pet vent toy tomorrow? Lu Yan: "…" Sterilization, breeding, venting tools-Mr. Gu, as an actor with a full schedule, you really don't have to pay so much attention to your dog. Lu Yan suggested silently in his heart. Of course, it is impossible for Mr. Gu to know about this suggestion. Gu Jinglin only when his teddy adapted to be hugged in his arms to sleep, naturally willing to take advantage of the little guy no longer noisy time to quickly turn off the lights to sleep. As a result, there is no room for resistance, Lu Yan was forcibly imprisoned in the arms of the other side, covered with a quilt, but also to endure the guy before sleeping there is not a smooth hair behavior. Not long after the man took a bath, the water vapor on his body had not completely volatilized, with a fresh and pleasant smell after the bath. This kind of smell will not have any problem for ordinary people, but Lu Yan's own cleanliness is serious, coupled with the respiratory tract is particularly sensitive, the feeling of being held by such a stranger to sleep is simply summed up as "life is worse than death"! In the darkness, the frightened teddy dog had a pair of black eyes and four small paws that were very resistant to the man's chest to avoid being too close to him. The feeling of the pad rubbing against human skin is very strange, and Lu Yan can clearly feel that with every breath, the properly exercised chest muscles will rise and fall evenly, with a delicate touch of elasticity and strength unique to the male body. The experience was so weird that Lu Yan moved his paws uncomfortably so that his attention would not be focused on each other's bodies all the time. Suddenly, he felt the pad touch a strange thing, unlike other parts of the tight and smooth, where the skin is more tender, there are small bulges. Lu Yan was completely unaware of what he had stepped on, so devilishly he picked it up, and there was a faint impulse in his consciousness to lick it-and then, before the impulse turned into action, Lu Yan suddenly noticed that it seemed. Hard? Lu San, who faintly felt something was wrong, said: "??" Mr. Gu, who was inexplicably playing with his nipples by a pet dog: "… …" A few seconds later, Lu Yan finally reacted, hurriedly withdrew his claws, shrank awkwardly into a ball, and did not move. Gu Jinglin groped for the nose of a suspected shy teddy dog, poked it like punishment, and laughed: "Little rascal." Lu Yan was first shocked by his subconscious behavior, and was shocked by the spoiled "little rascal". For a while, side impact door beams ,side impact door beams, he completely ignored the problems of allergies, cleanliness and so on, and only petrified in bed. What is the situation? He made a quick self-examination, and after careful consideration, Lu Yan reluctantly admitted that it seemed that dogs were naturally sensitive to certain things, such as moving objects, chasing balls, or things that could be picked up with their paws. So he unconsciously touched a man's nipple hard, just because he thought it was funny instinctively? Lu Yan: "…" Lu Yan feels the truth! But I don't want to admit that this will happen to him. How can you become so depraved? Will there be more extraordinary things in the future? What other unreasonable habits do dogs have? Lu Yan was so embarrassed that he wanted to get into the quilt and suffocate himself. At that moment, the man's warm palm came up and touched his head gently. Lu Yan was silent. He raised his head and looked at the man's face restlessly in the dark. I don't know how long it took, but the sound of breathing gradually slowed down, and when he felt the other person sleeping soundly, he carefully got out of the man's arms and ran to the other side of the double bed. Lu Yan was very uncomfortable with the unlit bedroom after nightfall. He hesitated for a long time. Finally, at the risk of waking up the other party, he jumped on the bedside table, pressed the touch base of the desk lamp with his paws, slightly adjusted the brightness to a less dazzling one, and then returned to bed and lay down on the clean feather pillow. It wasn't the worst day of his life, but it was enough to be remembered for a long, long time. Lu Yan closed his eyes in silence and quietly recalled everything that had happened before the accident in the Western Hills. It was worth it. He told himself in his heart that survival was more important than anything else. The next morning, Gu Jinglin turned over and found that his arms were empty. He looked around the bed and found that the teddy dog had run out to sleep on the pillow after he fell asleep. As a result, Lu Yan, who had not yet woken up, was once again picked up and wrapped in bed, and then forced to wake up. The wall clock showed that it was not yet eight o'clock, and after confirming the time, Lu Yan looked at the guy who had woken him up in silence. What's wrong? Lu Yan couldn't help but complain that he had to hold a dog when he was sleeping as an adult. After being tossed to wake up, Lu Yan was not sleepy, Gu Jinglin closed his eyes, but his hands had been touching the belly of the teddy dog, so he did not sleep again. The severe allergic reaction of the previous day was relieved at this time in the morning, and Lu Yan still felt uncomfortable in his nasal cavity, but the number of sneezes was significantly less. He still rejected being touched by outsiders, but after learning from last night's experience, Lu Yan no longer made any futile resistance, so as not to be misunderstood as coquetry or acting cute by his owner who liked to molest dogs from time to time. Thinking of this, Lu San-shao sighed, then lowered his head and tried to smell the smell on his body. He hasn't showered for more than 30 hours, and as a neat freak, it's like a slow suicide. Lu Yan rolled over and looked up at the direction of the bathroom. Gu Jinglin, who found that the little guy was beginning to be dishonest again, opened his eyes, and then found that the teddy dog looked at the bathroom expectantly, and finally looked at him coquettishly. Lu Yan refused in his heart,beam impact tubes, but still wagged his tail and called out to his master, trying to induce him to associate his behavior with the bathroom. As a good host, you should understand! Lu Yan is full of expectations. 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