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Rogue Masters of Online Games

  • "Ha ha, the boy is good, unexpectedly also has the wing, looks like you are not the demon world person, you are the protoss person?" Ershao burst out laughing and burst out of the whirlpool of explosion. At this time the summer wind is also very shocked, two less behind also appeared wings, is black "color", although not their own long, but looks very evil, that kind of power so that the summer wind is also a little timid, this is the power of the nether world? Standing elsewhere, San Shao was really upset. Looking at the two people in the air, he kept walking. Why didn't Xia Feng escape? Do you really want to compete with the second brother? He is definitely no match for the second brother now. But this boy is like this, whenever he meets an opponent, he is always deeply involved in it, and when he fights with his own team, is it not? If the unity of heaven and earth appears, the second brother may not win? Yeah, why did you forget this? And there should be a lot of skills on him, but if those skills that must be killed appear, can the second brother escape? God, I am so contradictory now. I don't want Xia Feng to have an accident,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and I don't want my second brother to have an accident. Xia Feng stood in the air and looked at Er Shao on the opposite side. "In that case," he said, "I won't stand on ceremony. I'd like to see if you're all'sexual '." "Fly-dazzle-chop!" Whoosh whoosh The gear-like rotation, the speed of light and shadow, the blink of an eye has come to the top of Ershao's head. The latter is surprised, the speed of the secret passage is so fast, the power of rape is so violent! Boom A strong crash broke out in the air, and the place where the two people met suddenly formed a fireworks-like "color",stainless steel tube 304, as if a firework flew into the sky, and then exploded that perfect moment, which is simply indescribable, how did the two people do it? Black wings hold the summer wind Yuhuang sword, two people look at each other at close range, the surprise in the heart of the summer wind don't mention how big, how is this possible? The flying chop was blocked unexpectedly? And it's still so easy to block? It's just incredible. Hey, hey, hey, didn't you think of that? Although your skill looks very gorgeous, it is full of flaws when facing the master, because its rotation speed is still too slow, I can see its trajectory clearly, what can you take to defeat me? That's the skill? Er Shao looked at Xia Feng with a smile, but he knew in his heart that Xia Feng's strength was completely beyond his imagination. He thought he could pinch himself to death, but now he didn't think he could fight with himself. It was incredible that he could meet this master on the first floor of the Magic Palace. He didn't know what else he would meet later. Black Wind! The wings suddenly opened, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact beams, the body of the summer wind was subjected to a strong impact, the whole person flew out, the light wings pulled hard to slow down. But this time, two little that strange smile actually appeared in the summer wind above, the summer wind's heart instantly cooled half! With an evil smile, the dagger in his hand turned into a sickle of death, which made people feel cold from the heart. This was the demon world, not the real world. If he died, he might never wake up. Xia Feng thought that he had completely lost his mind here, and his whole body burst out with powerful energy. He could not let the goddess of ice and snow continue to suffer in an inexplicable space. This is absolutely not allowed. Silence extinguishes the chop! Xia Feng's body immediately stood up, and the whole person collided with Ershao. He knew that when he was strong, he would be strong. If he only knew how to escape, this skill would be a bigger blow to himself, so Xia Feng used Silence Chop to fight against Ershao. Boom Er Shao was slightly stupefied. Then the whole person separated from Xia Feng. When he was in the air, Er Shao laughed and said, "I'll see how long you can hold on!" "Time and space transformation-displacement!" Whoosh Xia Feng's pupils shrank, and then he saw Ershao appear on his head, the whole dagger has come to his head less than a foot, so close distance, so fast speed, how can Xia Feng avoid it? "Nine kills and nine kills!" Right now! The mouth of the big array opened, two little daggers had entered, the whole person stared at this scene with incredible eyes, and in an instant he thought of what it was. Time and space conversion-flash! Whoosh whoosh Helplessly floating on the opposite side of the summer wind, the dagger in his hand has been taken away by the big array, and now it is estimated that it has been smashed into powder, but the summer wind is not happy, this [wonderful book net e-book download paradise-wWw. QiSuu. COm] nine kill nine absolutely big array seems to have not failed at all since it came out. After this battle, Xia Feng also knew the fatal shortcomings of the big array, that is, the speed is not enough, ah, if you can let the big array instantly wrap this two less still need to fight like this? If you can't use space magic, why can this fellow use it? Xia Feng secretly uses the transmission ring, but there is no reaction, which makes Xia Feng even more depressed, if there is a time ring, then he still uses such a mess ah? Send it directly and take it in. Master of the Array? Unexpectedly, you are still a array master, ha ha, cool! Not only was Ershao not surprised, but he also showed a very excited expression. This was absolutely not good for Xia Feng, because it meant that Ershao could not be afraid of his formation at all. On the contrary, he had fallen behind now. If he continued to fight, maybe he would lose. I really don't want to use it. I can only use it as a last resort. San Shao was not afraid without weapons, but he was still very excited. He put his hands together in the air again, and then silently recited the incantation. His whole body was surrounded by a thick black fog, and Ershao's body disappeared. Xia Feng looked at the opposite two less, the kind of power of the nether world is simply frightening,cold drawn tubes, the whole person is like an explosive'medicine 'brewing there, it seems that it can explode at any time, this feeling makes Xia Feng very uncomfortable. But it was too late. Rage! Rage! Wild crit! Buzz ~ ~.