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System sweet text "darling [wear quickly]" txt complete works

  • Luo Changning is in a good mood, because he can hug Chu Tong early in the morning, as if he had returned to the past, he lowered his head and pinched each other's face, soft. Mian I couldn't help kissing again. Chu Tong silly do not know, sleeping soundly, but also the mouth, should be a dream to eat delicious food, as for the dream, Luo Changning also met a delicious dessert, after kissing his face, and then went to kiss his mouth. Ten minutes later, the alarm clock rang again, Chu Tong finished eating snacks in his dream, Luo Changning should kiss enough, so they got up contentedly, even the air can smell the taste of happiness. Especially when Luo Changning opens the curtains and the sunshine falls into the room, Chu Tong will feel that this kind of life is what he expects, there is a person who can always accompany him, get up together every day, and share all the good things. "Meow, meow-" the black cat called twice on the windowsill and jumped into bed clumsily. Chu Tong laughed to disturb the other's chin and wanted to touch its belly, but the other always refused. He raised his neck shamelessly and waited for Chu Tong to tickle him. Seeing this, Luo Changning picked up the cat. The other party was so weak that he didn't struggle at all. Chu Tong pinched it and enjoyed the softness of the cat's belly. A soft touch Suddenly, I felt that my life was complete. It's still good before. When I want to touch it,precision welded tubes, I will touch it at any time. I don't resist at all. Chu Tong poked the cat's balls again, revealing a small piece of pink and indescribable object. "This is the first time I've seen it," said Chu Tong with a look of surprise. What about this? Luo Changning's face showed a complex look, Chu Tong did not pay attention, but also continued to say: "He was so cold before, I was very young when I just picked it up, and I didn't know how to do birth control, and then he never sent it.". Love I suspected he might be a little bit of that. “……” Luo Changning's expression was even more complicated. Chu Tong thought he didn't understand, so he explained,aluminium coated tubes, "There are some obstacles in explaining that aspect. Well, it's almost like a person." Luo Changning: ".." "I don't think so." Luo Changning felt it necessary to refute a sentence, but Chu Tong was very firm and thought that the original cat was a personality. Cold . Light 。“ But now that it's normal, I have to take it for birth control. Chu Tong pinched each other's soft paws and said with a smile. Luo Changning felt a sense of coolness and immediately released the cat. After they washed up, they had breakfast together. Chu Tong went to the studio. Luo Changning called the property owner. At this time, it was time to go to work. He could unlock the door of his house. Chu Tong's Saturdays and Sundays are very busy, but in contrast, Luo Changning seems to be very idle, following Chu Tong's mobile phone number. To his wechat. They began to chat one by one. Generally Chu Tong ten minutes will reply once, Luo Changning unexpectedly also is willing to wait, this lets Chu Tong strange feel embarrassed, as if oneself has not lived up to opposite party's sentiment. During the noon break, Chu Tong returned the magazine to the girl and asked, "Teacher, do you have a girlfriend?" "No." Chu Tong doesn't know why. Who are you talking to? Return the second. Not only the girl found it, but also many people in the studio found it. After all, Chu Tong usually stays at home, Cold Drawn Tubes ,Precision steel tubes, and there is no one else on WeChat except his parents. Draw well, do you still want to test X beauty? Chu Tong deliberately kept a straight face, and as a result, no one would eat his set. Have lunch, still let us live, I dream of painting now, the pressure is too great. Some students Tucao finished, everyone echoed, Chu Tong is also from this period to survive, naturally understand the hard work, also did not mention this matter. Just then, Luo Changning called him, Chu Tong originally wanted to go out to pick him up, but so many people looked up at him at the same time, so that he had a feeling that there was no silver here. Forget it. Chu Tong felt it necessary to dispel their misunderstanding, but also answered the phone on the spot, but also opened the speakerphone. The students immediately extended their thumbs and expressed their admiration for Chu Tong. Hello, good afternoon. Chu Tong said while eating that he did not dare to call each other's names for fear of causing a sensation. Good afternoon. Are you still in the studio? Luo Changning heard the noise of the students around him and asked. Yes. Chu Tong said casually, and chatted with Luo Changning a few words, that is, the dialogue between ordinary friends. See. Chu Tong raised his cell phone, meaning that he had not lied at all, and at the same time he breathed a sigh of relief. To tell the truth, he was a little guilty, afraid that the other side said something special, but now it seems that he should think too much. Do you have time in the evening? I want to invite you to dinner. Come on, come on, everybody cheer up at once. There must be something going on. Ah, aren't you busy? There's no announcement or anything like that? Chu Tong wanted to ask in the morning, but felt too abrupt, so he didn't have the nerve to ask. I pushed it all just to invite you to dinner. Luo Changning said half jokingly, but Chu Tong believed it, and he not only believed it, but also felt very happy. So he said, "Well, I can leave early tonight." "How late?"? Like yesterday? Luo Changning thought about it and asked, "Where is your studio? I'll pick you up directly." Chapter 91 the original world 04. "32 Luning Street, opposite Everbright Bank, Yueming Studio." A classmate shouted. That's enough! Chu Tong immediately stopped the classmate, but it was too late. Luo Changning had already written down the address, and when he came to pick him up in the evening, the studio would probably explode. Teacher, he is going to chase you! Everyone quarreled. No, no! Chu Tong hurriedly denied that this is all with what ah. Are you more handsome than Curly? He chased you for more than half a year, but the teacher didn't agree. "It's so sweet to invite people to watch movies and have dinner, and to send umbrellas on rainy days." Everyone said one word to each other, almost exposing Chu Tong's past. Chu Tong couldn't stand it any more, so he said, "Can you stop calling me this name? Besides, it's just his wishful thinking." "And the last time, I remember." The students began to talk endlessly, but to tell the truth, Chu Tong is very attractive, after all,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, good-looking, especially the eyes, look at people have the feeling of deer hitting the chest.