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This concubine is unusual.

  • Chen Que Yu stood up and looked at him with an appreciative look. "Look, you're in a hurry. Housekeeper, bring someone up." Chen Que Yu felt that he was very merciful. He was going to press the man in front of the old lady and let the old lady kill Shen Qianqian. However, for the sake of Shen Qianqian's similar character with that man, he had compassion for the first time. Just return the man to Rong Xuan. It is clear that Shen Qianqian does not like him, what good end can a pair of resentful couples have? It's just a fight to the death. Du Qianqian was dragged out, she did not dare to look at Rong Xuan's face, the heart is very empty. Rong Xuan's eyes shot at her, stern and hot. He quickly stepped forward and grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind him. "Lord Chen, I won't bother you. Goodbye." "Slow." Du Qianqian felt that her wrist was covered with a pair of pliers, which was particularly painful. Is there anything else, Lord Chen? Chen Que Yu smiled, "Don't make Miss Shen angry next time. Next time she runs out in anger, she won't meet me at the city gate, and no one can give Miss Shen back to you." It is rare for a person's heart to be so vicious that he does not forget to sow dissension before he leaves. Du Qianqian before also did not realize that Chen Que Yu's mind also twisted into this, he did not have, also did not let other people have. Chen Que Yu is not used to see Rong Xuan soft incense in the bosom, he has long been bad to the bone. The moment Du Qianqian died, he actually hated himself. Hatred is deeply rooted without knowing it. But fortunately,impact beam tubes, he still has brother Jin. Chen Que Yu will never let Jin know what he has done to Du Qianqian, forever and ever. Otherwise, the only tie between him and her is gone. Jin brother son how much like his mother, Chen Que Yu clearly, Du Qianqian in the child's heart weight is not lower than their own. In fact, this is good, even if he died many years later, there is a son who can remember her. He will ask brother Jin to bury their ashes together. Thanks for the warning. It won't happen again. Rong Xuan said no more and dragged Du Qianqian out of the Guogong Mansion,beam impact tubes, throwing her on the carriage without pity, her eyes red and bleeding. Du Qianqian kept shrinking into the corner, saw his eyes gradually fall on her legs, did not live up to expectations began to tremble, the opening became a small stammer, "you you you." Don't look at my legs. I'm afraid. He looked at her like the butcher at the corner of the street! At this time, he was the meat on the chopping board and let him cut it. Rong Xuan sneers, his voice is deep, his throat is hoarse, "afraid?"? Do you still know fear? Chapter 38 Du Qianqian hugged his legs in the corner, wet black eyes on his line of sight, "your eyes, who looked afraid." Rong Xuan is right, side impact beams ,Precision Welded pipes, Du Qianqian is really heartless, once hurt by Chen Que Yu too deeply, her heart has long been sealed up, so while he is not there will not hesitate to run, after being caught back, there is no particularly big emotional ups and downs. In fact, she had no idea, nor did she know how Rong Xuan would punish her, how to say? This can only be her own bad luck. Rong Xuan opened his mouth, the palm in his sleeve was shaking, and the voice he made when he spoke was shaking even more. "The day I left, you promised me that you would stay at home."? You lied to me! You lied to me again! He closed his eyes, Du Qianqian had done things and said things he remembered very clearly, this is not the first time she lied to him. The woman never believed him. Fourteen years ago, he had the cheek to go to the Lantern Festival with Rong Min and her. His friends laughed at how he revolved around women. He blushed and stuttered to defend himself, saying that he would protect his second sister from being cheated by other men. Where does Rong Min's shrewish temper get his protection? In the middle of the game, he thought he was in the way, so he pushed him to Du Qianqian of the same trade and went to find Xu Qingyuan for a tryst. Du Qianqian grimaced, Rong Min complained before he left, "I'm going to find Chen Que Yu later, what's the matter with your brother following me?" Rong Xuan thought at that time that he would not let her have a chance to find that person. He followed her every step of the way and walked around the whole street with her several times. Finally, Du Qianqian lost his temper. "Brother Rong, can you go to play with your confidant?"? I have something to do. What could happen to her? Don't you just want to block Chen Que Yu? Rong Xuan refused decisively, "No, sister, I don't trust you to go to the street alone." Du Qianqian was in a hurry and stamped his feet. "Oh, I won't tell you. I just took a fancy to two river lanterns. I'm going to buy them now." Rong Xuan stood in front of her. "I'll go with you." Du Qianqian moved flexibly over his body and ran away. "No, I'll be back." Rong Xuan chest empty, standing in place waiting for her for a long time, his heart did not understand, Du Qianqian simply will not come back, the Lantern Festival is over, he did not wait for people. The old man who closed the stall saw that he was stunned. "Young man, why don't you go home?"? I happen to have an unsold lamp here, so I'll give it to you. This was the first time Du Qianqian had cheated him, and the second time was a long time later. In the spring of a year, crabapple flowers are just in full bloom. Du Qianqian had married Chen Que Yu as he wished. At that time, brother Jin had just been born and had a hundred-day banquet. Rong Xuan went to Guogong Mansion with his uncle. He had not had a chance to see her for a long time. When he finally had a chance to talk to her, Rong Xuan asked with a hoarse throat, "How are you?" Du Qianqian seemed to be stupefied for a moment and smiled back: "Pretty good." All kinds of tastes passed through his heart. Then he asked, "Is Chen Que Yu good to you?" Du Qianqian was silent for a long time and answered after a while: "He is very kind to me." Good, but in less than three years, she was poisoned to death in Guogongfu. Rong Xuan's brain hurt badly. He opened his eyes and gave a wry smile. "Tell me, how many times have you lied to me?" Du Qianqian was asked by him,stainless steel 304 pipes, trembling out a finger, "I lied to you this time, really." 。