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Princes of the Ming Dynasty

  • The two of them looked relaxed. As soon as they opened their mouths, Xiao Fan went on to say, "Your Highness, hurry up and ask the ministers of Qingliu to impeach me. I'm afraid I'll die if it's too late.." Two people are silent, wipe sweat: "..." Zhu Yunyu looked at Xiao Fan with a sad face. His eyes were full of sadness. "Are you really crazy?" "You're crazy!" "If the ministers don't join me, I'm sure I'll die.." said Xiao Fan angrily. "You are already in such a situation. If the ministers take part in you, you will die." "If they don't see me, I'm dead." With tears in his eyes, Zhu Yunyu said sorrowfully, "Xiao Shidu, you are really a fool in prison.." You wait, I will find a way to get you out! Xiao Fan sighed and looked up at the dark walls of his cell. His face was deep and dignified. "So what if you save me?" He said faintly? For me, the outside world is just a bigger prison. The light of life is as gorgeous as summer flowers and as short as fireworks. A hundred years of life is like a fleeting moment. What's the joy of life? What's the fear of death? After all, we are just passers-by in the long river of history.. Zhu Yunyu finally burst into tears: "Xiao Shidu, I didn't expect you to understand life when you were in imminent danger. How solemn and stirring it is to face death so calmly.." The voice did not fall, Xiao Fan's deep face changed, hurriedly and pitifully said with a smile: "Hey, your Highness, just now I just talked about the scene, to add a little solemn and stirring atmosphere to this dignified scene, you must not take it seriously ah, save me must be saved, this matter sooner rather than later.." Zhu Yunyu and Cao Yi froze again and kept silent for a long time. For a long time, Zhu Yunyu sighed: ".." I suddenly felt that maybe it was right for the emperor's grandfather to kill you. "I think so, too," agreed Cao Yi. …… …… "Why do you have to ask the ministers of Qingliu to join you?" Zhu Yunyu asked seriously. Xiao Fan hung his head, his face showing a look of understanding that no one could see through: "I was born to die. Thrushcross's title of princess can't save me. Only the ministers' impeachment memorials can make Your Majesty let me live.." Zhu Yunyu thought about it and finally had some general understanding. Maybe You were right. Cao Yi was a boor. He didn't quite understand the depth of court politics. "What does it mean?" He asked? The ministers' impeachment of you is clearly adding fuel to the fire, but why has it become your vitality? Xiao Fan said with a smile, "Brother Cao, I don't understand this for a while. Just do what I say and successfully draw out the anger of the ministers, and I'll be able to walk out of the prison." Cao Yi thought about it for a long time, but he couldn't figure it out. He sighed in distress and said, "Well, I'll do what you say. I'm sure there's no way to help people reduce the fire. But Cao is quite good at making others fly into a rage." When Zhu Yunyu heard this, he was so excited that he couldn't wait to try. "What about me?" He asked? What about me? What can I do for you? Xiao Fan smiled, just waiting to open his mouth, but saw Zhu Yunyu's thin figure, tender face, and a pitiful and weak image of acceptance, Xiao Fan's smiling face suddenly solidified. Hands can not carry, shoulders can not carry, your grandson, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet suppliers, but his grandfather was pressed to death, no power, what can he do to help himself? Patting Zhu Yunyu on the shoulder, Xiao Fan said in a heavy tone, "Your Highness Tai Sun, you just.." Live well by yourself. Zhu Yunyu wanted to cry: "..." Xiao Fan couldn't bear to see it, so he had no choice but to say, "Why don't you keep your expression like this, and then cry in front of your grandfather at the critical moment, which will help me a lot.." "Zhu Yunyu smiled through tears." A mere child with a yellow mouth wants to marry my two granddaughters at the same time. I simply don't know the depth of heaven and earth! Inside the Wuying Hall, Zhu yuanzhang watched Zhu Di's figure slowly withdraw from the hall door, and his face suddenly turned livid. If Xiao Fan doesn't kill him, I don't know how he will harm the Ming royal family in the future! If the two granddaughters were married to him, wouldn't the heavenly family become the laughing stock of the world? I would rather lose my two granddaughters, but also to preserve the reputation of my family, this person must be killed! A fierce killing machine spread and filled Zhu yuanzhang's chest. Send a decree to escort Xiao Fan to the food market at noon tomorrow and show his head to the public! At the same time, Chunfang lecturing officer Huang Zicheng's house. In the middle of the night, everything was quiet, and the clappers of the patrol echoed in the distance outside the mansion. The candle in the inner hall of the Yellow Mansion was not extinguished all night, and several people in the inner hall sat quietly in their seats, silent and silent. For a long time, Huang Guan, the imperial censor, stood up and casually looked at the sky outside the hall. He looked rather worried and said, "Lord Huang, in the palace, Grandfather Nie sent a message saying that this evening, the four princes, the King of Yan, went to the palace to see Your Majesty. What he said was related to the identity of Xiao Fan's wife. This.." Will there be an accident? Huang Zicheng's eyelids were half closed and motionless, as if he had fallen asleep. Chen Di, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites, was present. Hearing this, he frowned and said, "Who is Xiao Fan's first wife?"? What does it have to do with the King of Yan? Huang Guan shook his head and said, "Grandfather Nie's message was sent in a hurry. I didn't quite understand it. I only knew that it had something to do with the princess. It seems that Xiao Fan's wife has a close relationship with the King of Yan. She is a princess.." "How old is his first wife?" Asked Chen Di. "Twelve or thirteen years old." Chen Di closed his eyes and thought for a long time. Then he opened his eyes and said in a deep voice, "I remember that twelve or thirteen years ago, the King of Yan had given birth to a young daughter in Peiping. Your Majesty conferred the title of Princess Changning on her at that time, and ordered the Ministry of Rites to register her in the imperial genealogy. Later, four years ago, the King of Yan said that Princess Changning had died early and was no longer alive. Is this princess who suddenly appeared.." When Huang Guan heard this, his eyelids jumped and his expression became somewhat anxious: "It can't be so strange, can it?"? How can someone who is already dead be resurrected? Chen Di smiled: "Who can say clearly about the heavenly family?"? Since ancient times, there have been few strange things happening in the palace? For example, the daughter of the King of Yan did not die early, but disappeared,plastic pallet price, and now found, such an explanation, is not reasonable? 。