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Mr. Rock and Roll

  • "Zheng Xiujing, Zheng Xiujing.." Li Muluo whispered Zheng Xiujing's name like a dream, and his emotions were quite mixed. Ps: Arrive in the second watch. Thank you for my best reward. Thanks for the reward of Stinky Tofu with dried vegetables. Ask to recommend and collect, this week click to recommend some horrible. [Chapter 126 of the main text: Are you still awake?] The night is getting dark, the moon is bright, and the taxis are driving at the same speed on the streets of Tokyo. Although it was late at night, there were still many pedestrians on the street. Li Mu Luo slightly some trance looking at the bustling outside the window, the heart can not help but rise a bit lonely. He has now become a hot idol, dazzling on the stage, lonely off the stage, there are gains and losses, God is indeed fair … Li Mu-luo is now often accompanied by Zheng Rong and several people in his life, which can not be said to be lonely, but occasionally there will be a sense of inexplicable melancholy in his heart. Ordinary people's life, now Li Muluo is quite yearning. A little confused in the heart, is quickly replaced by the rush of worry … Li Mu Luo eyes slightly closed, the emotions in the heart forced down, sighed. Time is fleeting, I do not know when, the taxi has approached the airport … Li Mu Luo took out the blue s s è scarf from his backpack and put it on his neck. The soft touch reminded Li Mu Luo of the time when he gave himself the scarf. Zheng Xiujing's smile … Warm, genial, like the delicate flowers that quietly bloom in March in Chchūn … "Guest, guest,drum spill pallet, here.." The voice of the driver came from his ear and woke Li Muluo up from his trance. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm a little distracted." Li Muluo turned his head slightly and apologized. It doesn't matter. The driver gave a bold smile to show that it was all right. Handing the fare to the driver, Li Muluo opened the door and bent down to get off. Li Mu Luo took a deep breath, the cold air along the nasal cavity, into the lungs, so that he woke up a lot. Before, Li Muluo checked through his mobile phone that there was a flight from Tokyo to Seoul at 12:30. Li Mu Luo glanced at the time on his mobile phone,plastic pallet crates, 11:57, then put his mobile phone in his pocket, pressed the brim of his hat, and then went to the ticket office. After buying the ticket, Li Muluo smiled at the staff and nodded his thanks. Then take the ticket and passport to the customs, submit the passport, get the boarding pass, check the luggage. After a series of rather tedious checks, Li Muluo stepped into the waiting hall. Before the plane took off, Li Mu-luo was thirsty, so he bought a cup of coffee and sat in a corner. Feeling the warmth from the palm of his hand to his mind, Li Muluo felt a little less uneasy. As time goes by, Li Mu-luo sips coffee and waits quietly. Although the afternoon will make up the sleep, but the fans will meet when the fatigue, not all dissipated, a little tired feeling again came to Li Muluo's mind. Glancing at the time on his mobile phone, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, Li Muluo got up and stepped into the boarding gate. After sitting on the plane, Li Muluo lowered the brim of his hat a lot, then adjusted his sitting posture, closed his eyes and took a nap. When flying into ten thousand meters high, the clouds are thin and the moonlight is more and more bright. Li Mu Luo opened a gap in his eyes, looked at the beautiful moonlight through the window, smiled slightly, and then continued to close his eyes to rest. I do not know how long, trance, Li Mu Luo felt someone patting his shoulder. I opened my sleepy eyes and looked at the person in front of me. "Hello, we have arrived at Seoul Incheon International Airport." A beautiful stewardess showed a formulaic smile and said to Li Muluo. Ah, thank you for reminding.. Li Muluo got up and shook some of his neck, then tidied up some of his skirts, and then walked out of his seat. After stepping off the plane, Li Muluo did not stay at the airport too much and went straight out. Stopped a taxi, told the driver, FX dormitory location, and then some nervous looking at the scenery outside the window … It's so late. Is it appropriate to bother again? Li Mu Luo some dejected rubbing the jaw, when did he become so irrational. Forget it, has come back, go to see one side, say clearly, and then soothe her emotions. Putting down his burden, Li Muluo rubbed his temples. Because from the lack of sleep, some trance, some pain in the head … Lack of sleep, excessive fatigue.. Perhaps because of these two reasons … The driver uncle is extremely considerate to adjust the heating to the maximum, and then concentrate on driving the car. Standing downstairs in the dormitory of FX, Li Muluo still hesitated in his heart. It was early in the morning. Is it appropriate to bother him now? In a trance, the line of sight touched the FX dormitory floor, there is a room where the lights are still on … Li Muluo's fingertips trembled slightly. I closed my eyes to tidy up my mood, and then went in without hesitation. When standing in front of the door of the FX dormitory, Li Muluo could not help but hesitate. My mind instantly flashed through countless thoughts, but in the end they were overturned one by one. Li Mu-luo sighed and rang the doorbell. Three times in a row, the door was slowly opened. A small head jumped out, sleepy eyes, after seeing Li Muluo, suddenly startled, and then rubbed his eyes hard. "Li Mu-luo Xi, aren't you in Rrben?"? Why are you back? Shirley, still in a daze, muttered. Uh.. Li Muluo did not know how to answer for a moment, did he say directly that it was because Zheng Xiujing was angry and worried, so he came back. Ah, I know, you come in first, it's so cold outside. Shirley looked clear in the chest, then hit a shiver, beckoning Li Muluo into the room. Li Mu Luo quite perturbed into the FX dormitory, the room furnishings are still with the last time he came, exactly the same,plastic bulk containers, there is no change. Do you want some water? I'll get you a glass of water.. Shirley stretched and asked. No, isn't Xiujing sleeping yet? Li Muluo's eyes kept glancing at Zheng Xiujing's door, and then asked hesitantly.