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Anger breaks the universe

  • Feeling the black energy from the old man's hands, Tianchong, Tianqing, Tiansha and Sirius suddenly felt that the rich energy from the black iron bar had a suffocating feeling, which was extremely depressing. Tianchong, Tiansha, Tianqing. Fight with him! In this situation of depression close to death, the wolf finally could not bear the short time of inner suffering. Eventually, the white elements burst out around the body, and after a strong internal force from the palm, the body with the white elements flew up and hit the old man holding the black stick. Looking at Sirius's attack again, Tianqing, Tianchong, Tiansha and others also suddenly jumped up from the ground, with a strong palm force suddenly hit the old man in the air, completely no time to worry about other members of the'Three Killing Trade Union '. Ha ha, you really want to die! Looking at the wolf, Tiansha, Tianqing, Tianchong four people suddenly hit themselves,plastic pallet manufacturer, the old man holding the black stick in the air suddenly smiled contemptuously, in the palm of his hand, a strong black element suddenly burst out, and finally quickly gathered on the black stick, and the black stick in the air at the same time, is like a dark cloud, will be the wolf, Tianchong,collapsible pallet bin, Tiansha. The elements of the four were completely enveloped, and suddenly fell into a darkness. Feeling this sudden black elemental energy, the rest of the'three killing guild 'practitioners of the primordial gods were also startled, and immediately emerged with a proud smile that could not be concealed. While this smile emerged, they did not notice that Ou Chen on the ground was already summoning the spirits of the dead from hell! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 169 fierce battle. Update time: 2012 101821:50:15 Words in this chapter: 3265 The heavy rain is still surging, but the black elements gathered in the sky are enveloping the four people of Sirius, Tianqing, Tianchong and Tiansha. The white element emitted by the four of them has been covered by the black element of the old man. Go to hell With the gradual increase of black elements, the old man's voice was full of murderous intent. And the black stick in his hand, at the same time as the voice sounded, came down with a thick black element. [Search for the latest updates at] "Hum!" The sound of the black iron bar falling in the air made everyone on the ground or in the air feel suffocated. As a master of various elements in the primordial divine world, he has enough confidence to destroy the four people in front of him, secondary containment pallet ,ibc spill containment pallet, Sirius, Tianqing, Tianchong and Tiansha. The thick elements brought out by the black stick made Tianchong, Tianlang, Tianqing and Tiansha become dull for a while. In the eyes, the anger under the fear is at a glance. Black stick in the air after a roar of rotation, finally, or aimed at the wolf, day evil spirit, day rush, day hold four people suddenly hit. Looking at the black stick that suddenly hit, I forgot the cry for help for a moment. Even standing aside Lan Lan, Ling Feng and others are the same. In the eyes, in addition to surprise, only the horror of admiring the strength of the old man. Time seemed to stop at this moment, and the time for the black iron bar to fall from the air seemed to be so long, but no one knew that this long time was only for the four people, Sirius, Tianchong, Tiansha and Tianqing, that the fear brought out at the moment of death was extremely difficult. Hum! When the black iron bar fell only two meters above their heads. The old man's hand tightened again, and a strong black internal force was like a python hovering over an iron bar. And the sound of the iron bar made the people around him sweat. Out! At the moment when the black iron bar was about to touch the top of Sirius's head, Ou Chen's roar made the practitioners of the primordial gods throw their curious and suspicious eyes into the past. And at the same time as he roared, it was still a touch of red light that suddenly flew to the top of the wolf's head and collided with the falling black iron bar. Bang! The loud noise of the impact made individual practitioners cover their ears. And the aftermath of the red and black separation was not heard in the courtyard. For the old man who wielded the black stick, although his strength was far above Ou Chen, the slight tingling sensation from the palm of his hand really made him sit up and take notice of Ou Chen. At a young age, there is such a strong internal force. With the slight tingling sensation coming from the palm of his hand, the old man's sigh was no longer the anger before, but a slight appreciation of Ou Chen. However, after only a slight appreciation, the old man's mouth was raised with a sly smile. I'm afraid it has something to do with your artifact. After murmuring again, the old man's eyes suddenly greedily returned to the red sword in Ou Chen's hand. Not only the old man standing in the air, but also the practitioners of the primordial gods who originally used the viewing angle, finally noticed Ou Chen, who had not been noticed, after the red light was sent out. The aftermath of the collision between the red blood sword and the black stick just now made them clearly see what made the artifact different. It was only a collision that could scatter the energy from a superior practitioner of the primordial gods. It was not because Ou Chen's strength was so strong, but because the red sword had such a strong tenacity. With all kinds of suspicions about Ou Chen, after a moment, these practitioners of the primordial gods, after looking at each other, could not resist the temptation from the red blood sword and swarmed up to Ou Chen. However, Sirius, Tianchong, Tiansha and Tianqing, who had just been pulled back from the brink of death by Ou Chen, forgot for a short time how strong the other side was when they saw the practitioners of the primordial gods swarming up to Ou Chen. They attacked the practitioners of the primordial gods crazily. Undead,collapsible pallet box, from hell! Out! When the Red Blood Sword returned to Ou Chen's hands, he looked coldly at the practitioners of the primordial gods who swarmed up to him. When these practitioners of the primordial gods were about to touch their bodies, his roar once again made these practitioners of the primeval gods who swarmed up stop.