My Wife's Heart Remains the Same as Before by Wu Yayi

  • The most important thing is that everyone is guessing that Duanwang will be the next crown prince if he is favored by the emperor and has a high status. When he grows up, his marriage will be a fragrant baboon, and everyone will stare at the position of Princess Duanwang. In this way, it also led to tension inside and outside the palace. When Ah Chu wanted to understand this process, he immediately sympathized with Lu Yu. Poor child, marriage can not decide, but also caught in the middle of two big people, whether married to the girl of Wu'an Hou Fu, or married to the girl of Huai Enbo Fu, the consequences will not be too wonderful. So, a Zhu suddenly also sometimes white he will run over to peep at this group of little girls, probably want to see these girls in private behavior, but did not expect to be so tough. Before, Ah Chu only heard people say that the royal girls were raised to be more spoiled, but he did not expect the truth to be like this. Small fat hand touched the chin, her family is also a royal relative, she can be so tough in the future? "What are you thinking?" A hand struck her on the head. Returning to their senses, Ah Chu found that they had arrived at a pavilion, on which a charcoal stove was placed, and a beautiful servant girl was boiling tea. Seeing them, he hurried forward to salute them, and when they sat on the cushioned stone bench, he sent them two hand stoves. Green grass had returned to the team, and when she saw the strange maidservant,14 needle valve, she was shocked again. Then she saw that she had skillfully and magically prepared everything properly. She could not help but feel ashamed. She felt that her maidservant was not qualified, and that she had not prepared the heater for her own girl in the winter at the first time. Holding the stove in his arms, Ah Chu looked up at Lu Yu and noticed that he had a smile on his face and did not seem to be angry. "Aren't you angry, Wang Yeh?" He asked. "Why is the king angry?" He asked calmly. If you're not angry, why did you do that before? Chu murmured in his heart, but did not dare to ask anything more. After the servant girl had made the hot tea and stood aside, Lu Yu looked at the little girl opposite, who was holding a silk enamel stove in her fat hands to keep warm. Suddenly he said with a smile, "Fat bamboo tube,brass tube fitting, who do you think would be better to be the princess after the king?" Chapter 27 "Fat Bamboo Tube, who do you think is better to be the princess of the king?" What do I care who your princess is? Even if I say which house's girl is good, the emperor does not agree also has no way? In the face of this seemingly casual, but enough to cause a sensation throughout the capital, Ah Chu can only be silent. Compared with a Zhu's serious inner reaction, green grass is also speechless, looking at Duanwang very tangled, that is your future princess, ask a six-year-old girl really can? The master and servant are also entangled, only he Ze is in high spirits, the heart said that the master really valued Yan three girls, pick the princess to ask her opinion, this is simply the father to follow the string, specifically asked the daughter, which stepmother you want is better! However-He Ze secretly glanced at Lu Yu, and some tangled, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, Wang Ye is not because those girls actually look the same, there is no difference, there is no choice, will ask a little girl? Such child's play is really not good! All the people present are entangled, only Lu Yu is the most calm, as if now said is not his life event. He took a sip of Jiasan's tea and saw the little girl opposite with a serious look. He couldn't help hooking his lips and asked, "What's wrong?" With a straight face, Ah Chu said euphemistically, "It's up to the emperor to decide for Wang Yeh. Ah Chu doesn't know." For some reason, Lu Yu felt a little itchy when he saw her serious appearance. With a long arm, he took her into his arms and rubbed her little fat face. His voice was clear and smooth, and he said with a smile, "Do you remember the king taught you to read and write when he returned to Beijing last year?"? A teacher for a day and a father for a lifetime, we have half the friendship of master and apprentice, fat bamboo tube should be on the heart of the king's princess. All the people in the pavilion were stunned by this, as if they did not know him. A Zhu black line, feeling this Wang Ye really treats her as a daughter to see? I can't blame myself for being so unrestrained. Realizing this, Ah Chu relaxed. He reached out his hand and grabbed the precious stone on his lapel. "That's not appropriate," he said with a smile. "When Wang Ye was ten years old, he couldn't give birth to a daughter as big as a minister's daughter." As expected, the young man's eyebrows were somewhat relaxed, and he seemed to be in a very good mood. He didn't care about her. He touched her head, touched her face, and pinched her fat face. He regarded her as an interesting toy, or a pet. When Lu Yu was satisfied, Ah Chu rolled and crawled away and sat far away from him. Holding a teacup in his hand, Lu Yu looked at her with a smile. His features were exquisite and beautiful, and his gestures and gestures exuded a kind of extreme elegance and preciousness. Suddenly he asked, "Have you ever thought about what the fat bamboo tube will do in the future?"? What are your goals in life? This is really strange, a Zhu can not help but look at him, on the pair of some free eyes, suddenly thought that although he is the prince of gold and jade, won the emperor's favor, but the emperor's favor made him like a bird roasted on the fire, not so safe and carefree, there are seven princes in front of him, staring at him both inside and outside the palace, not to bring him down. Just want to get benefits from him, a little carelessness, will be beyond redemption. Since ancient times, those who can ascend the throne have never been the most favored princes. After thinking about it, Ah Chu said, "My goal in life is to grow up safely and happily, and then marry a man who is not beautiful, ugly, fierce, cowardly and responsible with a satisfactory dowry. After marriage, I will have two children, the first one is a boy and the second one is a girl.". After the eldest son can take charge of his own affairs and his daughter gets married smoothly, he will hand over everything to his daughter-in-law and become a wife who doesn't care about anything. Every day, he lives a leisurely and secluded life of growing flowers and grass, playing chess and drinking tea, and then dies of old age earlier than his husband.. “……” Everyone gaped at the little girl with a serious face but who was talking with fervor and assurance,stainless steel tube fitting, and even the maid Jiasan, who stood aside to wait on her without expression, could not help showing a silly face. Is this the goal that a six-year-old girl should set? How so.. No ambition? Or is the heart too broad? Doesn't she think too much.