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The Tortuous Love of an Ordinary Girl: Ursa Minor

  • The three words "girlfriend" fell steadily on Xia Senche's heart like a fallen leaf, a little long-lost emotion, which was suddenly filled with these three words. Countless times the name of Anyang Chunyi was replaced by these three words in other people's mouths, but at that time there was no difference, and there was never such a sudden sense of heartache and satisfaction. Time will tell. How I want to go back to the past and have the right to use these three words. But there are many things that can be proved by time, such as my selfishness and ruthlessness. 5 A thin stream of smoke spewed from the entrance, girls and boys flirted recklessly in the rest area, and ill-mannered security guards huddled together to play cards. Judging from their costumes, most of these people are bad students from nearby schools, and their tone of voice is ruffian. He frowned and asked the quiet little sister at the counter, "Have you seen a girl with long hair who looks very good come here?" "There is no such girl here-" the younger sister suddenly remembered, her eyes lit up. "Yes, there seems to be one who went to the warehouse downstairs with the students of the Conservatory of Music." Xia Sen secretly scolded, found the stairs and ran down, halfway heard the sound of drums and guitars, as well as the boy's slightly hoarse singing. The darkness was filled with the light of laser lamps, the warehouse door was half open, and in front of a pile of containers, the girl lowered her head on the ground, looking like she was sleeping. She ran over in two steps and the music stopped abruptly. Chunyi! "What did you do to her?" He shouted at the boys with strange faces. "Huh?" The singing boy shrugged his shoulders and pointed at himself, "Me?"? We? What can we do to her? What is your relationship with this lost lamb? So handsome, is it the legend. Male net friend? In a trance,Nail machine supplier, he seemed to hear the voice of Xia Senche. Do you always follow your heart's will and think of him? The half-opened eyelids are the warmth against the light, the serious and frightening expression and the temperature covering the shoulders. She tried to see clearly, but the boy's figure disappeared like the wind, and the roaring voice of the beast echoed in her ears, and she woke up in an instant. The sound of heavy objects falling to the ground, the harsh echo of the microphone, the stuffy hum of boys.. My eyes are full of messy pictures. Xia Senche rode on a boy, and when his fist was about to go down, the others reacted to stop him. But he stood in front of him more quickly and shouted his name, "Xia Senche, what are you doing? He's my brother's senior. He's a good man!" After leaving the convenience store, Chunyi went to the school to find Chunyuan, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Coil Nail Making Machine, asked and asked, and unexpectedly met the male clerk again. He accompanied her to inquire for a long time. In the afternoon, the band was going to practice singing. Chunyi's cell phone had no signal and he was afraid that he would get the news of Chunyuan, so he followed her. She took out a tissue to wipe the corners of the boy's mouth and kept apologizing, saying, "I'm sorry, he's too impulsive." The boy smiled awkwardly and said, "Haha, I haven't been treated as a big bad wolf who abducted Little Red Riding Hood for a long time." Xia Sen Che, however, did not appreciate it at all. Seeing that Chunyu had taken the mobile phone of the band's senior, he pulled her head and walked out without looking back. His face was so ugly that she had a lot of questions but didn't dare to ask. The taxi stopped in the busy business district of the city, Xia Senche had asked Ah Ye to help him book a hotel on the Internet, and both of them were dirty. After entering the room, she came out of the shower and was pushed back by Xia Senche's words: "You'd better not say anything while I'm still angry." The atmosphere is not right at all, but it is not the time to quarrel. He used the hotel's telephone to broadcast his father's mobile phone and was picked up with two sounds of music. Chunyi shouted "Dad", and the other end of the phone immediately heard his father's roar: "The teacher has called home, you don't go to class, where are you going, don't you think it's messy enough? Hurry back!" This "I came to find my brother." Although I knew I wouldn't have a good reaction, Chunyi's heart cooled. "Did my brother call home? He didn't go to class, he couldn't find where he lived, he should have told his mother. Don't mention him, he's not your brother, and that woman is not your mother! That woman and I will divorce tomorrow. That woman wants Chunyuan. She doesn't want you. She's not your mother! ” On the other end of the phone came the sound of broken dishes and the woman's curse: "I gave birth to her, and I don't want her to be her mother." Not to be outdone, the man said, "Since you want a son, you will never see your daughter. Get out of here!" …… The endless words cut a wound in her heart. 6 She feebly put down the phone to isolate the noise. Her footsteps on the carpet were very light. She looked up and saw Xia Senche standing in the doorway with a KFC bucket. Did he hear that? It doesn't matter. It's ugly enough. The naked ugliness of the family. I've already asked my mother. Your mother doesn't know where Chunyuan lives. Xia Senche put things on the bed, "eat." Chunyi silently opened the lid of the box. Why did he come here? The answer was clear. She didn't want to know. He came to look for her, pity her or pure good intentions or old love for her, she did not want to know, in front of Xia Sen Che if too smart, just add trouble and some unnecessary fetters. I'll stay and find Chunyuan. You'll go back tomorrow. The course can't be delayed too long. Besides, aren't they going to divorce? "I'm not going anywhere until I find my brother." There is a firmness in Chunyi's voice that cannot be ignored. Don't let Chunyuan worry about you at this time. Xia Senche held his forehead, "now he should be very painful, so you are the greatest help to him." Chun's eating hand stopped,nail manufacturing machine, he was concerned about Chunyuan, but clearly it should be two people who are incompatible with fruit, but vaguely established a tacit understanding that outsiders can not describe. It's none of your business. I won't go back. My brother will always go to school. I'll wait for him. 。