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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

  • Mingshu: "… …" So the hate value is gone?! Mingshu guessed that Yu Jing was secretly poking her snack vouchers, but she asked several times, and Yu Jing denied it. Soon another thing burst out, Yu Ting is just a puppet, the real control of this matter is Yu Yi. He wanted to kill Yu Jing from the beginning. Yu Yi knew from the beginning that Yu Jing had another will in his hand, and when the old man told him, he overheard it. Yu Yi is very ambitious. What he wants is the whole Yu Group. Yu Jing's will is a time bomb, and Yu Ting is his biggest stumbling block. So he wants to get rid of both of them. After Yu Ting was picked up by Yu Yi, he not only returned his gambling money, but also gave him a lot of money. Do you think he would be so kind? No, the person who took Yu Ting to gamble at the beginning was the one he arranged. Yu Ting not only gambled more, but also became addicted to drugs. Yu Yi this only need a little in Yu Ting's ear to sow dissension, it is easy to let Yu Ting to kill Yu Jing. He arranged it perfectly, but he didn't expect that someone around Yu Jing would block the knife for him. Because of insufficient evidence, Yu Yi eventually escaped legal sanctions. Just when he thought he had escaped,eye cream packing tube, he was beaten with a sack. - A year later. Yu Yi sat on the sofa, with a crying baby in his ear. He shouted impatiently at the baby: "Cry, what are you crying for?" "Yu Yi, you're sick. What are you shouting at the child? This is your son." Yan Xue rushed out from the next door and pointed at Yu Yi and scolded him. If it wasn't for you, loser, I'd be here right now? How dare you shout at your son now? Why don't you go back to Yu's house? "You shut up!" "I shut up?"? Why should I shut up? What you eat and drink now is not for me? If it weren't for me,plastic laminated tube, you'd be dead now. You look like you're the young master of the Yu family? Yan Xue said more and more excited, she could have had a very good life, but because of these people, she was reduced to today's situation. The Yan family went bankrupt half a year ago, and her parents both died because they could not withstand the blow. Yu Yi, with a sullen face, wrestled with Yan Xue amid the cries of the child. The child grew up in their quarrel, and finally did not learn well. When they were old, they were either beaten or scolded. Yan Xue and Yu Yi lived a miserable life for the rest of their lives. Chapter 1170 the boss does not make an appointment. "Where is Qiaoqi, Mr. Yu?" The voice of Feng Heng gnashing his teeth came from the part of the phone. I wanted to ask you! "You don't even like your own wife. Why do you always let her run to my wife?" “……” As for Yu Jing, who was the first to complain to the wicked, plastic laminted tube ,empty lotion tubes, Feng Heng held back his anger, but did not hold back his sarcasm: "Mr. Yu, every time I look for my little pity, I'm afraid it's Qiao Qi!" "Impossible!" “……” The phone was quiet for a few seconds. "So," said Feng Heng, "where did they go?" "If I knew, I'd listen to your nonsense." “……” The two men were speechless. At this time, Ruan Xiaolian, who was pulled out by Mingshu for a picnic, was chatting happily with Mingshu. "Where do you remember Feng Heng?" Sister Qi, try this, new taste. Does it taste good Mingshu gives a thumbs up. Ruan Xiaolian seemed to be encouraged: "I said it was delicious, but Feng always said it was not delicious. Do you think he has a taste problem?" "Single by strength." "Ha ha ha." Ruan Xiaolian threw good Mingshu, two people lie on the lawn, the sun shines on the body is very comfortable. Sister Qi. Feng Heng proposed to me. "Mmm." Mingshu is still thinking about it. I'm a little scared. Ruan Xiaolian said, "His mother has always disapproved of our relationship, and now there is a deadlock. If I knew that Feng Heng proposed to me, I don't know what it would be like.." Mingshu raised his hand and put the back of his hand over his eyes. "You don't live with his mother." Ruan Xiaolian looked at Mingshu sideways: "a marriage without the blessing of the family will not be happy." "Do you like Feng Heng?" Ruan Xiaolian was quiet for a few seconds. I love him. "Love?" Mingshu put down her hand, and her pupils reflected the blue sky and white clouds. She moved her lips: "What is love?" The voice seemed confused, and seemed to be asking something. Ruan Xiaolian turned over and put his hands on his head. "Don't you love Mr. Yu?" "Who knows." Ruan Xiaolian blinked: "But you care about Mr. Yu very much. You will worry about whether he is cold or tired. You will take care of him. You are afraid that he will be wronged and hurt. Then you will love him." "There are a lot of things between me and him." Mingshu held a piece of grass in his hand and put it in front of his eyes. The blade of grass rotated slowly. All I know is his name. Ruan Xiaolian seemed to hear a very light murmur, but it did not seem to be there. Ruan Xiaolian did not know what had happened between them, and some words said when he did not know the situation might not have a comforting effect. She got up from the ground and looked down at Mingshu. "Can Sister Qi accept the loss of Mr. Yu?" Mingshu pointed, the grass stopped rotating, the tip of the leaf was downward, and the breeze was blowing, shaking slightly. As soon as she loosened her finger, the grass fell on the grass. "No." - Mingshu sat on the steps of the villa with a bag of snacks beside her. It was rare that she just watched and did not do anything. Yu Jing came in from the outside and said, "Wife." Mingshu looked up at him, and the afterglow of the setting sun shrouded Yu Jing, like a faint layer of warm light. She held out her hand: "Yu Jing, hug." Just want to get angry Yu Jing, expression slightly a convergence, see her that soft appearance, any anger is gone. She fouled! Yu Jing bent down and hugged Mingshu. The last ray of the setting sun fell, and the whole world began to darken. Under the dark blue sky, the two people who embraced each other seemed to have only the quiet years left. - Mingshu and Yujing got married half a year later. The wedding was held with Ruan Xiaolian. The wedding day was a bit of a mess,cosmetic tube, and the two brides almost disappeared. Although there was no danger in the end, Yu Jing and Feng Yu made up their minds tacitly that they must not let these two people get together in the future. Of course, this is only their delusion. Yu Jing Feng Heng's daily life is.