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  • Although he held the gun at random, the muzzle of the gun enveloped everyone in the shooting range, and everyone had a feeling of standing naked in front of his muzzle. So several other families did not dare to move on their own initiative, and could only watch helplessly as I beat up Nangong. Although Nangong Duan's skill is deep, he can't resist my all-out attack. Only three palms let me break through his body-protecting True Qi. The vigorous Tianlong Internal Skill constantly invaded Nangongduan's body, making him more injured and vomiting blood. At this time, he was seriously injured, and there was only air out but no air in. But I did not let him go like this, these years I hate others deeply, but not like Nangongduan so let me hate to the bone. I hate him for not remembering his old love and doing harm to me while I was young. Whoever wants me dead, I will let him die without a burial place. With a hook in his left hand, he grabbed his arm before Nangong Duan fell to the ground. I grinned grimly, and with a slight effort, "Ka" Nangong Duan's two arms had been torn off by me. Nangongduan screamed and fainted. Hum! Don't think I'll let you go if you faint. Had it not been for my premature practice of Tianlong Jue, I would have died. Now that I am not dead, hum, I will crush your bones and raise ashes. Xuaner, don't. Nangong Fei never dreamed that I would be so ruthless and exclaimed. Several other householders also spoke out to stop them,plastic wheelie bins, but how could I listen to them? I came here today to be bloodthirsty, so that they always have a sense of crisis, a sense of threat that I can eat them at any time. Only in this way can they change and I have an excuse to fight back. With a cold smile, I lifted my foot and gently stepped on Nangong's broken thigh, spitting out his strength and crushing his thigh bone. The sharp pain made Nangong Duan, who was in a coma, scream out,plastic pallet bin, and then suddenly stopped like a cut belt, but his scream was a hissing sound that cracked his lungs and spread far away. You are too cruel. My eight great families are irreconcilable with you. Master Sima shouted wildly. I lifted my leg and kicked Nangong Duan aside. I said coldly, "Welcome. Even if you don't swear to be irreconcilable with me, I won't let you go. You remember that Nangong Duan's fate is still merciful to you, to you.." . Hum I hope you still have your life to wait until that day. "Xuan, do you hate me so much?" Nangong Fei looked at me in pain. Pain? You know about pain? When you drove us out of the house, why didn't you suffer? My name is Ruthless, not that damn Nangong Xuan, remember. I said coldly. Suddenly there was a scream, "Hubby!!!" It was Nangong Duan's wife, Ximen Bing's aunt Ximen Yu, followed by their son Nangong Yun. Ximen Yu and Nangong Yunben were in the backyard. Although they knew that someone had broken in, they had evil intentions and did not go out. It was not until they heard that Nangong Duan had gone to the front door that they came in a hurry. Unfortunately, stackable plastic pallets ,wholesale plastic pallet, they came late, and I had already carved Nangong Duan. As soon as Ximen Yu saw the tragic image of Nangong Duan, he was frightened. He pushed away the people who were being rescued and hugged Nangong Duan and cried bitterly. Women are women after all, in this kind of bloody scene, can have a few to keep rational, in addition to crying, as if nothing can be done, now even hindered the treatment, ha ha, it seems that you do not want him to live. In fact, even if it can be saved, I'm afraid Nangong Duan will have to lie in bed for the rest of his life. My palms have already broken the meridians of his whole body. His martial arts are useless. I hope he is open-minded and not angry to death. Who are you? Why did you do this? Nangongyun gnashed his teeth and looked at me. Is this Nangongyun? And grown up. Hum, when Nangongduan killed me, I'm afraid it was for the sake of Nangongyun, in order to kill me, so that I could never compete with Nangongyun for the position of head of the family. I am heartless. I said lightly. Ruthless? What deep hatred does my father have with you to let you do this? Nangongyun shouted. I raised my eyebrows and said coldly, don't you know? When I was thirteen years old, your damn father slapped me in the back of my heart. If I hadn't practiced Tianlong Jue since I was a child, I'm afraid I wouldn't be standing here talking to you. "" Tianlong Jue? You .. You are Nangong Xuan ?” Nangongyun exclaimed. Dizzy! He didn't know my identity until now. I really don't know what he does. Over the years, in order to qualify as the heir of the family, he worked very hard and was very concerned about the affairs of the family. How could he not know my identity until now? I don't understand. There is no such person as Nangong Xuan in the world. I am heartless. I said, "What's the matter?"? Am I tough enough? Even if it's more ruthless than your father's back, it's much brighter to attack a teenager. If you want revenge, you can do it. If you don't want revenge, you can get out. "You.." Nangong Yun shook his body and wanted to jump on it, but was pulled by Nangong Fei. "Don't fool around, Yuner," said Nangong Fei. "Are you smarter than your father?"? Go down. Although Nangong Yun is unwilling, but what Nangong Fei said is also true, his father is still in my hands, he is not a man. He had to step down bitterly to take care of Nangong Duan. Nangong Fei looked at me with a complicated expression. His expression was really complicated, somewhat helpless, somewhat painful, and somewhat miserable. Xuaner. "" I am heartless. " I interrupted him coldly. Nangong Fei sighed helplessly and said, "I know you hate me. I'm sorry for your mother and son. If you want revenge, take my life." "Ha ha ha." I laughed wildly. "Take your life."? You can rest assured that there will be such a day. Suddenly, a large number of policemen poured in from outside the door, all with live ammunition, and quickly surrounded me and the black demon. I bet I have at least 50 guns pointed at my head right now. Ximen Yu ran over like a madman and pointed at me, saying, "Director Chen,heavy duty plastic pallet, that's him. That's the man who beat Ah Duan seriously." I didn't even look at her. I snorted coldly, "Director Chen, how dare you let your men point a gun at my head?"? You've had enough.