The Eleventh Finger of Forensic Qin Ming Series 3

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    14 murders happened around us, true! Major! Shock! Horrified! Every case, you can't sleep! In the story of the third season, Lao Qin not only encounters the most terrible opponent so far, but also is framed for the first time, becoming the biggest suspect in the book! The truth of the serial murder case uncovered layer by layer is revealed by turning over the book! Preface "A pair of ghost hands, only for the redress of injustice; full of Buddha's heart, only wish the world peace." On the night of Chinese New Year's Eve, I wrote the first word of Corpse Whisperer. Time passes in a flash. In the past year, I have finished two books, which I did not expect. Old Qin is a person who is always determined to do things, it is difficult to adhere to, often give up halfway. Insisting on finishing the first season of "Forensic Qin Ming" series, "Corpse Whisperer" and the second season, "Silent Testimony", is the most persistent thing Lao Qin has ever done. Now that I think about it, I am still very proud. I often analyze why I can do such a thing that I couldn't imagine before, and there is only one answer,plastic bulk containers, because I have you, the corpse language fans. Do you know? It is precisely because of your words of encouragement that we have Lao Qin today! "The Corpse Whisperer" and "Silent Testimony" were both bestsellers when they were published, which I didn't expect. With the silent support and encouragement of so many readers, I should work harder and create more excellent works. So, after finishing the first two seasons of the "Forensic Qin Ming" series, I had a long time to think about how to make the third season work to a higher level? Before I started writing the third season of the "Forensic Qin Ming" series, I repeatedly considered the main line of the book. One night,collapsible pallet box, half asleep and half awake, I suddenly remembered a sentence. That's what my teacher once said. He said, "The scalpel is the eleventh finger of our forensic doctor, our sharpest finger, and the finger that criminals fear most." So the next morning, I decided to choose "The Eleventh Finger" as the title of my new book. It may also be a match made in heaven. When I interviewed the forensic doctor of a city public security Bureau to collect materials, he told me about a murder case in which the "eleventh finger" was found at the scene. Isn't this the main line of the book, echoing the title of the book? So my third book has a punny title. Today, after finishing the full text, I feel good about myself. I believe that this book has something new on the basis of the style of the previous two books. It is hoped that these new elements will be appreciated and supported by readers. After the completion of the third season, I will continue to fulfill my promise of "endless life, endless writing", wholesale plastic pallet ,collapsible bulk container, and continue to adapt the cases I have experienced into the follow-up works of the "forensic Qin Ming" series-that is to say, there will be a fourth season. The series of "Qin Ming, the forensic doctor" will still maintain its true colors: first, it will be based on individual cases, with the main line interspersed throughout the book; second, it will be based on real cases, with the purpose of popularizing knowledge, without affectation, affectation, or mystery; and third, it will never violate the spirit of science. As usual, it is reiterated that the specific circumstances of each case in The Eleventh Finger are fictional, and the names of people and places are pseudonyms. If there are similarities, it is a coincidence. Do not sit in the right seat, otherwise you will bear the consequences. The so-called truth is the professional knowledge and serious attitude of the forensic doctors in the book, the details of their ingenious reasoning, and the wisdom and wisdom of the forensic doctors in the book. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. Your eyes are the driving force for me to move forward. Chapter I Oil Explosion Case (1) The devil inside us has turned this world into hell. Oscar Wilde 1 In front of the old factory building, there are more than a dozen blue and white police cars parked on the roadside. The flashing lights and snow-white headlights render this quiet place like a colorful night market. Inside the factory building, there is a stench. More than a dozen people squatted on the ground with their heads in their hands, and more than a dozen policemen with live ammunition stood beside them. Do you think you have blackened your conscience? The chief police officer said, "You will be punished sooner or later!" He went to a rusty iron bucket, knocked on the wall of the bucket with a telescopic baton, and made a dull sound from inside. "What are these things?" The police officer frowned, looked into the bucket, and immediately retched twice, "such a disgusting thing, you let it back to the table of the common people, conscience to the dog to eat it?" "It's all for restaurants. If you don't go out to corrupt, you can't eat." A thin man mumbled. What are you talking about? The police officer glared at him, "How do I know that the canteen contracted by our unit does not use gutter oil?" Only one day after Longfan City, the provincial capital, secretly launched the campaign of "cracking down on the four black and eliminating the four pests", an underground pit producing gutter oil was discovered. So the arrest operation was carried out overnight, and the black-hearted evil nest was destroyed at one stroke. By imagination, it is impossible to imagine how disgusting the buckets of swill are, and how disgusting the smell of the piles in a confined space is. It was also the first time that the captain of the security brigade in charge of the arrest operation entered the place where flies were flying and sewage was flowing. The only word he could think of was shocking. The captain picked up a ladle and scooped up a spoonful of swill. He lifted it in the air and slowly poured it back into the bucket, saying, "See for yourself, see for yourself!"! Can this be eaten by people? In the old society, I would pour this thing into your mouth. A spoonful of swill was poured out, but there was still a yellow object at the bottom of the spoon. The captain looked carefully and felt familiar. He turned his head and asked the Environmental Protection Bureau cadre beside him: "Have you ever seen such thick chicken feet?" In order to master more criminal investigation skills,plastic pallet supplier, I was assigned to a criminal police squadron in Beihuan County for a year. Although the life of the criminal police is colorful, it is also trivial. Most of the year was spent in mediating civil disputes, arresting suspects of stealing battery cars and investigating cases of snatching bags at night.