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Immortals' Urban Life After Marriage (Morality)

  • "Then I will follow you every day, and I will turn whoever talks to you to stone, so that you will never be at peace," the fierce look in Medusa's eyes seems to prove that she is not lying. "Tell me, what do you want me to do for you?" Shuxuanzi continued to drink wine, thought for a while, and finally opened his mouth. "Help me kill Poseidon," Medusa said when the hatred in her eyes was about to become real, and her resolute and ferocious words jumped out one by one. "Eh?"? I don't understand. You have been imprisoned by Athena for thousands of years. Why don't you let me help you kill Athena but kill Poseidon instead? Isn't Poseidon your lover? You are so cruel. "Shuxuanzi rolled his eyes and said in his heart that no wonder they all said that the most poisonous thing was a woman's heart. Although Medusa was beautiful, the snake on her head was frightening, and her heart was too vicious. Shuxuanzi and Carlo talked a lot, and naturally they knew from Carlo that Poseidon had loved Medusa." "How cruel I am?"? It should be his cruel heart, he not only cheated my body, but also put all the blame on my head, if he had not become a Malay to pursue me, in the temple of Athena to do. I will not provoke Athena, be beheaded, all this is Poseidon's good deeds, hum this playboy man, I want to cut him into pieces,drum spill containment, "Medusa said more and more angry, the fingers have been deeply infiltrated into the arm of the book Xuanzi, as if to pinch the arm of the book Xuanzi like a paragraph, but Shuxuanzi did not even frown." "Oh, there is such a secret in it. Oh, don't you want to take revenge with your own hands?" Shuxuanzi suddenly asked with a sly smile. "Revenge with your own hands?"? Poseidon, the God of the sea,plastic pallet manufacturer, is one of the twelve main gods. His fighting ability is very strong, and the twelve gods are all in the same group. Attacking one will cause a lot of trouble. How can I beat them? If I can personally revenge also need not beg you, this revenge I must repay ", Medusa seems to be determined, there is also a trace of pleading look in the eyes, Shuxuanzi naturally understand this Medusa's mood, as if to hear that Carlo said Poseidon is a very affectionate God, he has many lovers, even the sea queen Amphitrite is forced by Poseidon." He is also the top playboy of the gods, some women are jealous of this kind of amorous man, but they just like to have sex with this kind of amorous and romantic man, life is often contradictory, even these gods are sometimes contradictory. "I can't seem to help you with this, but I have a way for you to avenge yourself. Your two sisters are demons. I tell you, plastic pallet manufacturer ,foldable bulk container, these twelve gods will fight each other before long, and then you will.." Shuxuanzi took the paper and pen to write and draw, and after a while a complete plan came out. Medusa was dumbfounded. She really didn't expect Shuxuanzi's plan to be so meticulous. "But how could these gods fight?" Medusa frowned and thought for a moment and then asked in wonder. "This matter to me to do, this bracelet to you, as long as you take this bracelet no one can cut off your head, and this bracelet also has the function of invisibility," the book Xuanzi handed a woman's bracelet to Medusa, Medusa nodded and put it on, then read the formula and immediately disappeared, "as long as you do so, and with the help of this bracelet, Your revenge will certainly be avenged, "Shuxuanzi's words made Medusa laugh happily, and Shuxuanzi also laughed." An owl and a snake woke up in a daze and were shocked to see the empty sky above the stage. They couldn't figure out who dared to steal from the Greek temple? There are many Athena's fighters in the temple. Why didn't these fighters stop the thief? When he saw that the shield had been stolen, the owl flew out immediately, and the guardian snake went out to look for someone. Carol sent someone to throw Athena's shield to a place near Greece, and the fighters were looking for the man who stole the shield. Almost all the fighters in the Holy Land went out. After a while, Athena's shield was found by these fighters. The shield was found, but the Medusa head on the shield disappeared, and everyone felt vaguely bad. This Medusa has been sealed for thousands of years, and it was sealed by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Who can break Athena's seal and rescue Medusa from the shield? Chapter 259 Fairy World. This foreign gods frequently wander in the human world, originally the gods can not come to the world, this is the rule set countless years ago, just like the immortals in the fairy world can not come to the world casually is a truth, rules are rules, but few people really abide by the rules, Shuxuanzi has always been a person who likes to set fire everywhere but does not like to see others light lamps. So to see these foreign gods in the world, Shuxuanzi is very unhappy, intending to let these gods suffer, these gods are old guys who have been practicing for thousands of years, to really kill them will certainly cause a war between the fairy world and these interfaces, although Shuxuanzi is not willing to create such a war, but such a war Shuxuan has never been afraid. In the words of Shuxuanzi, don't be afraid of things when you are an immortal. If you are afraid of things, don't be an immortal. Ordinary people encounter big and small things every day, but immortals often encounter more troubles. For example, now, the book Xuanzi encountered a trouble, Kong Yu Ling came back from the Royal Academy of Music in Vienna and openly wanted to marry the book Xuanzi. It seemed that Kong Yu Ling did not know who said what when she showed the nine-color Baoqin. When Kong Yu Ling came back, she did nothing and pestered the book to solve the problem. In her heart, If I knew who was talking nonsense in the ear of Kongyu Ling, Xuanzi would tear that guy up. "Baby, this marriage is a big event, first of all,mobile garbage bin, your father's consent, your father now." , "My father agreed," Shuxuanzi was blocked by the words of Kongyu Ling before he had finished speaking.