Volume 11 North and South War

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    Zhang Fubao tugged at his brother's sleeve and said, "I went there and came back halfway. Brother, I saw Yang Ling and Her Royal Highness together.". Their relationship seems to be very special. Zhang Tianshi became nervous and looked at the two little eunuchs standing at the door of the imperial study. He grabbed his sister's wrist and pulled her to a clump of flowers and trees. The vegetation has been somewhat decayed, but it is still dark green, because no one has tidied up all the year round, it is densely covered with vines and tendrils. Sister, don't talk nonsense. The less you know about the royal family, the better. "Zhang Tianshi looked serious and said," Don't make trouble for our family. Tell you the truth. At this time, a man walked lazily behind the dense flowers and grass, thinking with his hands in his sleeves. Zhang Tianshi looked around and saw several lazy eunuchs and maidservants basking in the sun in the distance. No one passed by nearby, but he did not know that there was a man standing behind the flowers and trees close at hand. "Silly girl," he said cautiously. As far as you can tell? Tell you, when I first met the Duke of Wei, my brother found Princess Yongfu's hand-embroidered handkerchief in his place. At that time, my brother was so shocked that he didn't dare to make a sound. When Princess Yongfu arrived at the Dragon and Tiger Mountain this time, she looked at her face carefully for her brother and deduced it for her in the quiet room. Unexpectedly, she and the Duke of Wei really had the fate of husband and wife. But it was reasonable to say that how could Princess Daming marry a man who already had a lot of wives and concubines? This matter for the elder brother is puzzled,Service Sink Faucets, want to create all directions, wonderful can not be peeped at by human beings, we wait and see what happens, must not say at random. Zhang Fubao was stunned and said, "What?"? Princess Yongfu and Yang Ling are married to each other? I just saw Yang Ling and Princess Xiang'er entering the garden side by side. Her expression and tone were rather ambiguous. How did she become Princess Yongfu again? "No way?"? You are so young that you know what is ambiguous. You must be wrong. "Zhang Tianshi became nervous again:" This is impossible, absolutely impossible. How can this be possible? " Zhang Fubao rolled his eyes and said,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, "The emperor has only been on the throne for three years now. He has already done too many impossible things. I don't think it's strange to be ridiculous.". Zhang Tianshi covered her mouth and said nervously, "Don't talk nonsense. You can't touch anything about the royal family. Yang Ling, the Duke of Wei, is also an unspeakable fate in his life. Disaster comes from the mouth!"! Have you forgotten that your uncle has been sent to a foreign land and is still unable to return to his hometown? "He thought for a moment and said," Don't talk nonsense. When I see Princess Xiang, I'll take another look at her. " Xiang Xiang, what are you looking at? "Zhang Fubao somehow felt a little angry. She shook her brother's hand:" Look at your cowardly appearance. I'm just telling you, will I go out to make public? Return the heavenly teacher! When she raised her face, the bright sunshine was sprinkling on her face. Zhang Tianshi saw her eyebrows and complexion clearly. Zhang Fubao finished and walked away. Zhang Tianshi stood there in a daze and thought strangely, "My sister has a face full of spring breeze, her cheeks are like peach blossoms, her seal is shining, and her eyebrows are full of joy. It's clear that she looks like a red star. It's strange. Is it possible that her destiny is not far away?"? Am I wrong? No, Concealed Flush Valve ,stainless steel squatting pan, I have to go after it and see it again! Thinking of this, Zhang Tianshi chased his sister down, and the man standing behind the bushes overheard such an anecdote. He was stunned and quickly turned around and quietly left. Volume 11 north and south war chapter 441 lucky Gusu Xu Tai hurried out of the imperial study and looked around. He saw Jiang Bin coming out from the deep shade of the trees beside the hall. "Go in quickly," he said. "The emperor has summoned you.". Jiang Bin promised. Seeing that Xu Tai's face was heavy, he couldn't help asking, "Lord Xu, the emperor summoned me today. What is it for?" Xu Tai smiled and said, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Go in quickly. The emperor should give you a heavy responsibility.". When Jiang Bin saw Xu Tai answering like this, he could not help feeling uneasy. He quickly adjusted his robe and walked to the door of the imperial study. He said in a loud voice, "I, Jiang Bin, would like to see the emperor!" Zhang Tianshi and Fu Baoli waited under the porch for a long time without being summoned by the emperor. Zhang Fubao said impatiently, "If I had known they wouldn't have come with you. What does the emperor mean by summoning them to the palace, but leaving them here?". "Keep your voice down," said Zhang Tianshi. "Don't let anyone hear you. Didn't you see that the adults who just came in and out of the door of the imperial study were all military commanders? "The emperor summoned them separately." It must be an important military event. " Ah! Now that everything has been pacified, Prince Ning, the last fish to slip through the net, has been caught. Where is the emperor going to fight? Zhang Tianshi shook his head, he now began to speculate about the purpose of the emperor called himself to see, just talk about the classics? When he returned to Nanjing, he immediately summoned the generals who controlled the heavy troops here one after another. I'm afraid there must be something important. Naturally, he couldn't get involved in these things. Why did he still have the mind to summon himself to see him at this tense moment? Zhang Tianshi glanced at his younger sister Fu Bao, who was standing on one side with a pouting mouth. The younger sister's eyebrows were curved, her lips were thin, and she was soft and charming. She always looked different from the past. Ordinary people might only think that this person looked very good, but of course Zhang Tianshi could see the difference. He suddenly thought of the change in his sister's expression, which he had just observed carefully. From the younger sister's face, there is no doubt that the star is moving, but who will this other party be? Nose for the husband star, look at her nose bone and flesh balanced, upright and mellow, beam without knot, no lines without moles, flesh color bright, this is to marry the face of the noble, and then with her birthday eight characters deduction, the matching man rank must be above the princes, Mofei.. Zhang Tianshi's heart suddenly moved. "Could it be that the emperor has chosen Fu Bao and intends to accept her as his concubine?" Otherwise, how can we invite ourselves to Beijing? He is the self-proclaimed Dharma King of Daqing. He must have a tendency towards Buddhism. How could he go to the Dragon and Tiger Mountain in a hurry and have a sense of closeness to his own Taoism? How could he summon himself to see him when he was busy with state affairs? If Chang Tien-shih had known that this emperor was interested in all the gods and Buddhas in the sky, and that he had not only proclaimed himself the Dharma King of Daqing,Flush Retrofit Kit, but had also specially summoned the highly respected Grand Imam of Zoroastrianism, and had even gone to the Catholic Church to serve as a priest, he probably would not have been so cranky. cnkexin.com