When Should You Change The Water Heater In Your Rental Property

  • The water heater is one of your house's most crucial and excessively used appliances. So, you should keep the water heater in San Diego in your rental property in good condition always. 


    Here we will discuss the issues that can occur in your water heater, and you may either repair those or change your water heater in San Diego for the safety and convenience of your family members. 


    Possible faults that can occur in a water heater 


    1. Internal corrosion 

    Normally, the anode that is present inside the water heater is an active metal rod subject to rusting due to continuous exposure to water. So, the anode rod becomes eroded with time. So, the anode rod should be periodically checked and replaced if required. 

    2. Sediment buildup 

    A lot of suspended and dissolved minerals are there in water. These minerals can easily enter the water heater, and the mineral contents can get separated & settled at the heater tank's bottom part. Thus, sediment buildup can occur and hamper the water heater's efficiency. So, you should get your water heater checked for sediment buildup from time to time. 

    3. Excessive level of water pressure 

    The water heaters are designed in such a manner that they can endure the water pressure within them. If the pressure exceeds the permissible level, the water heater is at risk of getting damaged. So, you should periodically get the water pressure inside your water heater checked. 

    4. Poor quality of indoor air 

    Water heaters usually depend on the air inside your home, which needs oxygen to heat the water. If the indoor air contains some corrosive substances, this may corrupt your water heater. 

    5. The old age of the water heater 

    A water heater has a life expectancy. After that period, replacing your water heater is safe for your safety and for the appliance's seamless working.