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Strategy To Improve Ad Engagement with ads network

  • High-impact ad engagement should be taken into account if you are supporting your clients in enhancing their brand connection with their target audience. The amount of advertisements in our world is overwhelming. Additionally, you must experiment and change the way you convey your message while the brand and products are consistent. Winning the battle for attention requires high-impact ad engagements. Additionally, it has been said that ad involvement is the "answer for banner blindness."

    As technology and digital trends advance, you may produce highly interactive ads, or HTML5-rich material, to achieve your campaign objectives. It creates novel possibilities. With rich media advertisements, you can create various levels of personalization and targeting to raise mobile ad engagement and forge enduring relationships between brands and consumers.

    How Does Ad Engagement Work?

    Digital marketing has increased the flow of information between advertisers and customers. These two have evolved into equal participants in the advertising process, frequently co-creating the significance of the brand.

    A measure of ad engagement is how much your customers enjoy interacting with your advertisements. This suggests that more engagement results in better brand connection. It is not sufficient to use the greatest or most modern technologies to produce eye-catching commercials.


    The Most Important Goals For Ad Engagement

    The main goal in promoting ad interaction is quality. If mobile advertising is perceived as helpful, users are more likely to engage with them. For your ad engagement to be relevant, you need to personalize it differently because:

    1. Customers using mobile devices are growing more open to appropriate marketing.
    2. According to experts, 50% of mobile advertisements are enlightening and beneficial.
    3. Nearly half of those who clicked on adverts also took secondary actions like visiting a connected website and looking up more details about the products, according to 40% of those who did so. 

    How Can You Use Ad Engagement To Enhance Your Ad Experience?

    Since it largely works with HTML5-rich media, ad engagement is not a new concept. These different ad interactions provide varied experiences. It is important that experience be pertinent to the target audience. Ensure that the ad experience you have planned for them is pertinent to them. Increase ad engagement by personalizing your advertising and using accurate targeting to persuade customers to connect with them.

    Store Locator

    Direct clients to a certain region of your advertising interaction. Focusing on the automobile, entertainment, restaurant, and telecom industries, location is crucial for making sure the advertising is pertinent.

    Including a tap-to-call feature and store locator will help boost the relevance of your ad engagement to consumers. Presenting these values, such as directions to the place or contact information, interacts very effectively with users.

    More than 40% of US smartphone and tablet users who took part in an online survey and collected social media data from their devices clicked on the mobile advertisement because it related to their interests or the findings of their pre-purchase research, according to data from 6,000 US smartphone and tablet users. When readers take further actions following their first clicks, it further suggests that they have a strong desire to make a purchase. If you add a customized store locator to your ad engagement, these prospects might be urged to visit the store in the hopes of making a purchase.


    Draw in your audience with captivating images. The most widely used kind of rich media is video. Videos are incredibly engaging, but for maximum effect, viewer engagement must start within the first 10 seconds of playback. However, the biggest source of rich media ad interaction is these 15-second films.

    Effect Of Engagement With Video Ads

    The effectiveness of video promotion is 600% more than that of print and direct mail campaigns.Video is an excellent format for informing and educating because it incorporates audio and visual elements that appeal to multiple senses, video ads perform as well as educational tools. They’re especially effective when used for product demonstrations or as How-To guides, as viewers can actually see how certain things work or learn a new skill.

    The biggest search engine companies put a priority on video content when making tweaks to the algorithms that present certain sites higher on the rankings page. Distributing videos via social media, posting them on blogs, and embedding them on your website increases the likelihood that your target audience will find you when searching for relevant information

    The major video platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, include tools that let you monitor the effectiveness of your content. Your material will be more successful in reaching your target audience if you plan future campaigns with the knowledge of views, shares, likes, and social interactions.


    Gamification is a powerful platform for rewarded ads, competitions, and enjoyment. This establishes a strong bond with your viewers. They won’t even find your ads engagement annoying because you’re assisting them in advancing in their game.

    To increase user participation, gamify your advertising engagement. Virtually everyone likes to play video games. A recent study by the Entertainment Software Association found that over half of Americans routinely play video games.

    Due to the lucrative nature of the mobile gaming market for ad interaction, many advertisers are moving there. It is a tried-and-true strategy for digital marketing that helps marketers by bringing in revenue and conversions.

    Trends And Common Ad Engagement Measures

    Ad engagement is shown by "Clicks" within the ad unit in digital marketing advertising. In addition, the term "Click Through Rate" is used as a measurement to describe clicks to a landing page or deep link.

    Video Ad Engagement

    Here are some key measures for video ad engagement:

    1. Impressions are the maximum number of video advertisements served.
    2. User activities include clicking to start, pause, or stop the video.
    3. Brand favourability, brand awareness, or message linkage.
    4. Spending Time.
    5. Purchase.
    6. Completion Rate.
    7. Influence on search behaviour.
    8. Time forwarding.

    Gamification Ad Engagement

    Here are some key measures for gamification ad engagement:

    1. User participation challenges begun vs. finished.
    2. Users who have participated over time, popular vs. disliked challenges based on completion.
    3. Target user performance and how it affects business success.

    Final Remarks

    In order to engage viewers as digital marketing progresses, we think additional ad engagements are necessary. The customer experience with your client's brand will be enhanced and improved by these advertising activities.

    In order to create effective and captivating advertising, personalization and targeting must be precisely specified. Using HTML5-rich media and technology, you can create interactive ads that are highly targeted and tailored for the appropriate consumer.

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