Does MacOS Need Antivirus Protection?

  • In 2018 there were 14 cases of Mac malware with cyber-criminals finding new ways to attack the system. Mac is rather more secure than Windows. It is not unhackable but it is generally more difficult to destroy it than the Windows. If we look into the technicality MacOs is based on the Unix operating system.  Being Unix – based operating system MacOs is sandboxed.

    Sandboxing – Breaking down sandboxing, it is having multiple fire doors. Even though a malware enters the Mac, it will not reach the heart of the equipment.

    Looking at the percentage of the Windows world and the Apple world, there are more people owning Windows compared to Apple.  Fewer targets and difficult to hack; think why cybercriminals target the Windows world?

    Note that Macs are not completely safe, in recent years as it is growing in popularity, the cybercriminals are finding ways to infect it for money. This is why it is needed to gain Antivirus Support more at this age than in the past.


    Generally, there are two ways for the App to find scan and find viruses, one is On-Demand Protection and second is Always On Protection. For the On-Demand Protection it will simultaneously scan every file during scheduled scans. Notice the speed at which this scanning takes place, some may be quick while others take hours to do the same. Always-On Protection usually protects the Mac when regular scans run. Malware that enters the disk through emails, or downloaded files, etc, then the Always-On Protection must detect it, quarantine it, or delete it. A notification is shown when the malware enters the Mac. However, not all the Anti-malware apps will elucidate what exactly is happening and what the problem is on the system for this you can contact the Antivirus Customer Support Number. But this factor we tested when there was no explanation given in the apps of what is happening in the system.

    Other than direct malware detection, there are several other antimalware apps that have additional tools like ransomware protection. This is a new type of malware when it enters the system starts encrypting the files, and eventually demands a fee to decrypt it. For the protection against anti-ransomware features block all apps from writing to the systems folders like Documents or Photos, only if the apps are preapproved. Many apps are likely to be preapproved, for example, Microsoft Word, or Apple’s own Photos app and others can be included.

    Many antimalware apps have the feature virtual private network (VPN) add-ons. This is to secure the internet connection which is done by encrypting it. It is very important as when one uses the open WiFi then it can unsafe and many viruses may enter. 

    Web protection through browser plugins or extensions is increasingly becoming popular. It stops the user and their kids from engaging in inappropriate activities. For example, visiting inexplicit sites or providing personal information online.

    Apparently price was one of the characteristics when we tested the Antivirus. Every Antivirus app is sold on a yearly basis. In some cases can get a very good discount on the first year of subscription. Another option is to purchase the Antivirus for several years for which you can get a good discount. A few subscriptions require permission to use the antimalware app on more than one. This is a positive aspect as all the computers in one household can be protected with just one subscription.

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    Everyone who owns a Mac must realise that Antivirus supportis pivotal. Though many experts believe that Mac not necessarily needs support and is already secure and is built securely.  Regardless, we would suggest that it does need support and this is not the case. for more information visit our site:- Antivirus Support Helpdesk

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