Mistakes that Every Professor Hates to See in an Essay

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    Mistakes that Every Professor Hates to See in an Essay


    Have you written an argumentative stance in your college but your professor is unhappy with how it turned out? Or he has pointed out that mistakes are quite simple. In both these cases, students do not know where everything went wrong and they make mistakes again.

    So for your help, here are some common mistakes that you can do while writing an argumentative stance that can irritate your professor.


    Not Choosing a Controversial Topic

     Your essay all depends on the topic and if your topic is not debatable or controversial, then you cannot write an effective essay. This is the most common mistake that students make in essay writer as they do not differentiate between an informative topic and a debate topic. For example, if you choose ‘COVID-19 use’ for an essay then you are a mistake but if you choose a topic related to ‘mandatory use of coronavirus vaccine’ then you can come up with a strong argument.

    Choose a Subject that is out of your league

    No doubt you want to impress your teacher, but it does not mean you choose a subject or topic that is out of your interest. For example, if you know nothing about biology but you have chosen a topic on human cloning, then you cannot give strong evidence for that. In this way, you can simply ruin your essay and adopt a more informative approach than an argumentative one.

    No Proper Thesis Statement

    A thesis statement is like the backbone of your argumentative work and if you will miss it then, the whole essence of the essay will be lost. It acts as the main lead and if you will not write it, then you can get lost in the middle of the essay and you won’t figure out which things to include and which things you want to exclude. So, write a strong thesis statement and give it proper time.

    Lack of Organization

    Starting your essay without any pre-planning or outline is one of the major mistakes that can infuriate your professor because, without planning, your ideas can become a mess. Imagine piling up a number of ideas without having any plan on how to write them down, then your essay will lack logical flow and argumentation. So first plan things and then move forward.

    Lack of Arguments

    Choosing an argumentative topic is not enough, you have to give further arguments for your essay. They are like the sub-claims which are essential to support your main claim. But, mostly, students do not give enough points and just keep their essays informative which affects their essay construction. Even you can get custom essays as well through online help, but you have to make some changes. So, focus on argumentation throughout your essay.

    Use of Biased Opinions

    Your personal biases always exist even though you deny them. While writing an argument that complies with your opinion, you choose to adopt a more emotional and sentimental tone and ignore the logic behind it. If you go for resources that are also related to your personal opinion, then your essay will sound more like a personal opinion than a pure argument.

    Use of uncredible Resources

    Good sources always make a good essay but mostly, you make a mistake by using websites and blogs that hold the personal opinion of the writer. Here your whole arguments turn upside down, so try to choose scholarly and empirical evidence for the write my essay.

    Lack of Transitional sentence

    Many students do not know about transitional words or sentences and do not make any connection between the paragraphs and ideas. In this way, your essay lacks coherence, so it’s better if you just go for more transitional sentences and words and make your essay flowy.   

    Sounds Opinionated

    No doubt, you have a stance on the topic but don’t make the mistake of talking about your stance and ignoring the opposing side’s argument.  Recognize the opposing point of view and state your opinion. If you won’t do that, your essay will sound like you are ranting about your own side only.

    Forget to Proofread your Work

    Students ignore this step and send work without editing small errors and your essay contains many grammatical and spelling mistakes. So always proofread your work or take help from an online essay writing service to recheck your essay. Without this step, your professor can get irritated with the small mistakes related to grammar and sentence structure.

    Everyone makes mistakes in writing but you can only make progress by overcoming your flaws. So, the above-mentioned mistake is very common in writing argumentative stances and you need to give them proper time to bring improvement in your work. Always remember, your writing can take time but online essay writer will come out to be good if you follow the instructions. 


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