Black Panther Story Review: Marvel Movie, Why Vibranium is so i

  • Black Panther Story Review: Black Panther (2018) is a MCU 18  Action/Adventure movie and Directed by Ryan Coogler.

    Ages ago, a miracle stone “Vibranium” touched the ground of Wakanda, Africa. Inexplicably if any human uses that stone, they turn into black panther or get similar powers! Since then Wakandians have been using Vibranium wisely as a result wakanda is now the most tech savvy and developed country in the world!

    Scene shifted to1992, King T’chaka (the king of Wakanda) comes to a person named N’jobu (related to the king’s family) who is accused of selling Vibranium outside Wakanda. King T’chaka ended up killing him. This scene is finished by showing a little boy playing arou


    Black Panther Story Review, Rating and Budget

    IMDB Rating: 7.3

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi 


    Country: USA

    Duration: 134 min.

    Audience: Family outing, Teens, Kids

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    Present time, T’challa “Black Panther” ( son of T’ chaka) is the only heir and in order to become the king, he has to compete with other tribe’s leaders. Eventually He successfully becomes the king yet at one hand T’challa is challenged to stop the Vibranium illegal trafficking and at another hand the sudden appearance of Eric Killmonger ( the villain of the movie) makes the situation even worse. Later we got to know Eric Killmonger is the same little boy who was shown during the 1992 event and he is the son of N’ jobu.

    Eric Killmonger is now back and claiming the king’s position. T’challa and Eric fight against each other, unfortunately T’challa loses and is brutally thrown down the waterfall by cheating only to come back by the support of his family and other tribe’s people who give him herbs to regain his powers.

    Black Panther Story Review Marvel Movie, Release Date, Movie Parts and Budget 

    Budget: $200 Million 

    Network: Marvel Studios

    Year: 2018


    • Black Panther 1 2018
    • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 2022

    At the climax, we see Eric is ready to initiate the illegal trade of Vibranium and later some amazing fighting scenes between black panther and Eric are cherry on the cake! T’ challa regains his crown by defeating Eric.

    At last wakanda made a decision to share its Vibranium with the world for mankind at the UN. 

    Black Panther is a masterpiece like the technology, storyline was just perfect. The movie has surely entertained all kinds of people. Sadly, we lost the main character “Chadwick Boseman” but the show must go on and Marvel has released its 2 part ” Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It will be interesting to find the next Black Panther. If you already watched it then don’t forget to share your thoughts on this one.

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    Who is the Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever villain?

    Namor the sub Mariner, the ruler of the underwater kingdom, Talocan. He is a mutant who can live on the surface and in water as well. In Marvel comics he is the ruler of Atlantis.

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