Fengshui small home plans

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    According to feng shui small home plans , it would be better if the house has a path that is easy to follow from the front of the house to the entrance. In addition, the front door must be arranged in an open and spacious manner. Don't forget to avoid walls or stairs less than six feet from the entrance. For the main door or the entrance to the house, it should be adjusted according to feng shui calculations.

    In feng shui, the flow of air in the house invites a lot of sustenance and this starts from the door of the house. The reason is, the entrance is a lucky entrance into the house.

    Feng shui is an ancient philosophy from China that is used to help make a house have positive energy in it through color, design, to layout. If you are looking for a new house, renting or buying, an apartment or house, even arranging an existing house, there are several things to consider to get positive energy.