Top Tools for Accurately Converting Audio to Text

  • The evolution of technology has made the life of individuals remarkably easy. Students can now make lengthy reports and term papers without swelling their fingers in typing or writing, by using audio to text conversion software. They can now take advantage of their gadgets, to make their tasks easy and speedy. Those who are using Mac can follow these simple app instructions to convert their audio to text. With the help of the mentioned software, the task can be accomplished even with your eyes closed.

    1. Speak to your Mac and MacSpeech Dictate will convert your words into text transcrição de audio para texto. This is a voice recognition app that will understand you. Every word from your speech will be captured, processed, and turned into a perfect text format. If you want to add your style on the converted audio, you will have the option to edit words or statements, before sending or printing.

    The app will work with iWork suite, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Word. People who are working the medical and legal departments, can get the full version of the app by purchasing the MacSpeech microphone.

    2. People who want to take the job with their own hands can manually convert audio recording to text, with Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software. The user will have the option to type in the content of the audio file, and do playback using shortcuts on the keyboard. This option is a little old-fashioned with the fact that the user will do manual. Part of the work will be challenging and time-consuming however, it's for free-not spending a penny from your pocket can be the main reason why a handful will use this app.

    3. Convert audio recording into a text file using MacSpeech Scribe. What makes this app superior to the first two mentioned is that it has the capability to transcribe audio in different formats; wav, .aiff .aif, .m4v, .m4a, and mp4. Doing the job will be as convenient as clicking on the "Transcribe" icon, and MacSpeech Scribe will start working on the files to be converted. This application is used by a lot of professionals, and said to have an accuracy of 99 percent for its purpose.

    Getting any of the software mentioned above will give you the full power to control your Mac. You will be talking to it like a boss, and every word you utter will be recognized, and will appear on its screen.