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  • Axie Infinity Clone Script

    Axie Infinity Clone Script is a bug-free and properly tested P2E (play-to-earn) NFT game script. It is the platform where anyone can launch their blockchain-based gaming platform, such as Axie Infinity, where players can breed, raise, battle, and trade adorable digital monsters known as axie to earn more NFTs. Some aspects of this clone script are exciting and eye-catching, and including them in your own NFT marketplace will increase its audience.


    Axie Infinity Clone Development

    Axie Infinity clone script development is the process of creating and deploying an NFT gaming marketplace similar to axie infinity. Creating an axie infinity clone is coding that allows you to create an NFT marketplace similar to the well-known NFT gaming script axie infinity.


    Creating an axie infinity clone platform is a wise investment in the crypto world that will generate a high return on investment. Axie Infinity clone is a multi-tested, ready-to-market NFTgaming platform. The axie infinity clone gives players quick and easy access to the large NFT marketplace where they can trade axies.


    Axie Infinity Clone Software

    The Axie Infinity clone software is completely decentralized and runs on the ETH blockchain network. The Axie Infinity clone app can be tailored to include features and plugins that make launching the Axie Infinity NFT script much easier and faster. You can modify the features based on your business needs.


    White Label Axie Infinity Clone Software

    A white label axie infinity clone script is a ready-to-market solution for launching an NFT gaming platform like axie infinity. White label clone script includes all of the original platform's functional features and core structure, which can all be customized based on your business needs. The most popular way to build an NFT marketplace similar to Axie Infinity is to use a bug-free white-label Axie Infinity clone. . A white-label NFT gaming platform, such as axie infinity, is a low-cost and hassle-free solution.


    What essential features ought to be built into the Axie Infinity Clone Script?

    Our Axie Infinity Clone Script developed with essential features are:


    Axie Infinity is a platform centred on combat. Your Axies must engage the opponent's Axie in combat. The stats of your Axie determine its ability to fight the opposing Axie. Axies with better and higher stats cost more than the others.


    Lunacia is Axie's zone, and it is divided into tokenized plots. These tokenized plots of land serve as a safe heaven for the Axies. Better sheltering lands are generally more costly than others and can be used to generate AXS tokens.

    Breeding Axies:-

    One of the most important aspects of the game is axie breeding. When Axies with different stats crossed, a new Axie was created that could be superior to the others and improve the gaming experience of the players. The newly bred Axies can also be sold in the market by users.

    In-game Marketplace:-

    Axie Infinity includes an in-game marketplace, and experiments have shown that games with their own marketplace perform better overall. The players can breed and sell new Axies on the market. This feature will be included in the Axie Infinity clone script as well.

    Dual Token Model:-

    A dual-token model is offered from Axie Infinity. SLP and AXS. The game's currency SLP, an ERC-20 token used to breed Axies. AXS is a token for governance.


    Why Choose Hivelance for Axie Infinity Clone Script?


    Hivelance is a leading NFT Game development company with over ten years of experience in the NFT game development platform. As an experienced company, we can guarantee the platform's security at the highest level. We are a full-cycle NFT game development company with in-house certified NFT game developers. Our experienced developers will create the game using cutting-edge technologies and tools. We offer a reliable and instant Play-To-Earn NFT gaming platform, such as Axie infinity, with your preferred settings at an affordable price.


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