Texas Hold'em Skills Raiders - Getting Started

  • In the last article, I introduced the novice note of Texas Hold'em. Today, I will come to Texas Hold'em to teach novice players to understand Texas Hold'em skills and gameplay, as well as some simple winning methods, and bring philippines players into the world of Texas Hold'em. Poker is a very simple poker game, easy to learn and very fun to play, but it requires a combination of psychological warfare and arithmetic to be able to fight wits and fight against the invincible players in the world. If you are interested in learning more about Texas Hold'em, you can go to https://mwplay888.io/ to learn more about casinos in the Philippines. mwplay888 offers many poker games here, including the famous blackjack game.

    Texas Hold'em Teaching
    Texas Hold'em Teaching 1: Basic Rules
    In Texas Hold'em, it consists of five poker cards. Players and dealers play a game of big and small cards. At the beginning, the chips to bet are determined. There will be two players who bet first, the big blind and the small blind. Before the flop, the player will have two cards in his hand, and he can decide whether to join the game. He can choose to fold, call, or raise. No matter how much you bet, remember here that if you fold and bet at the beginning, the chips will go to the dealer. On the flop, there will be three community cards on the table, and you are matched with the two cards in your hand. You decide to fold, call, or raise. There is one more check in this game, that is, you don’t do anything to let it go. to the next player. On the turn, the fourth community card will be turned over on the table, which is also matched with the hand to decide whether to continue the game. When it comes to the last river card, the last public card will be turned out. At this time, the final card size can be confirmed. The player who makes the final bet and leaves it to the last round will show their cards for comparison. All pots will be awarded.

    - Texas Hold'em Teaching II: Hand Size
    - 10,J,Q,K,A straight flush
    - Five consecutive numbers of the same suit
    - Four cards of the same rank plus any card
    - Three cards of the same value plus two cards of the same value (three of a kind + one pair)
    - All five cards of the same suit
    - Five cards can be combined into consecutive suits, not the same
    - Three cards of the same rank plus any two
    - Two pairs of one plus any one

    A pair plus any unpaired three cards, if both of them have a pair, compare the size of the pair. If none of the above combinations are present, the highest card in the dealer's and player's hands (hole cards) is also called the high card. Through this picture, you can know the size of the matching cards, from large to small. In the Texas Hold'em game, the cards are compared first and then the points are compared. If all are the same size, the pool will be drawn, and the suit will not be compared here.

    Texas Hold'em Must Win
    There are also some simple ways to win in Texas Hold'em. In addition to playing psychological warfare, we must immediately know what our probability of winning is when we see a card, so that we can quickly judge what to do next. The following skills are collected quickly .

    Texas Hold'em Winning Method 1: The Importance of Starting Hands
    When you get AA, KK, AK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, 88, AQ, 77 in your starting hand, your chance of winning is as high as 70%, because it is already a pair, basically waiting for the public card to open. Play the cards you want, as long as the public cards are not too bad, you will basically win.

    Texas Hold'em Winning Method 2: Get the AK Card
    AK cards are a pair of cards that players love and hate, but according to their hole cards, they are very advanced cards. When you get this group of cards, you must not do anything stupidly, you must rush down, and in the end, even if The combination is a high card, and you are still the dealer who won the high card, that is, you are already the strongest drawing combination from the beginning.

    This time the Texas Hold'em teaching is here. Basically, it is a very complete general game. As long as you understand the small bet method and matching cards, plus your own psychological warfare, you will definitely be able to play an invincible game at the gambling table, so It is said that Texas Hold'em is a very easy mwplay888 poker game to get started with.