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  • Before your air travel always know to check your blood pressure as it is necessary to measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Blood pressure is generally classified as:

    # Normal Blood Pressure — systolic pressure is below 120 and diastolic pressure is below 80 mmHg.

    # Pre hypertension — Measure that systolic pressure is between 120–139 or diastolic pressure is between 80–89 mmHg.

    # Hypertension — The systolic pressure is more than 140 or diastolic pressure is above 90 mmHg.

    As high blood pressure does not carry noticeable symptoms, further that there are some things that must not be ignored:

    A strong headache

    Aches and pains in the head or in heart

    Fainting feeling

    Shortness in breath

    Know about some common Risks Associated with Flying during High Blood pressure with American Airlines Phone Number –

    * Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT):

    There might be a great risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It is a condition when blood clot forms in the deep leg veins therefore always wear comfortable and loose-clothes, bend and straighten your legs on a regular basis, for proper blood circulation in the body.

    * Temporary Hearing Loss:

    While flying, the change of altitude occurs very fluently which results in the dreaded earache and temporary hearing loss you can avoid this, by drinking lots of fluids and eating chewing gums and candies.

    * Before You Fly Talk to Doctor:

    Visit your doctor and inform him about your travel plans and if your blood pressure is not high then you are fit to travel if it is high then it is unsafe for you to fly

    * Medication:

    Always carry your medicine bag with you and you should carry enough medication to last for the entire long duration and do not forget to have the prescription of your doctor’s with contact details.

    * Blood Pressure Checker:

    For the safer side, always check your Blood Pressure.

    * Travel Insurance:

    Always have travel insurance.

    Follow the American Airlines Customer Service Safety Tips when you are flying

    1. Always Eat Smart: Do not eat junk food, carry your healthy snacks during the flight excluding the salt as Salt will increase fluid retention and it will result in increased blood pressure levels

    2. Avoid Alcohol & Sedatives: Do not consume Alcohol in the flight.

    3. Use the ICE: Ice-pack offers great relief in swellings and pain.

    For the further travel safety tips, call the American Airlines Customer Service and know the best travel tips and also know how you can have low fare reservations, discounts, free meals, free miles and much more on American Airlines Customer Service number.