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How Do I Select A Seat On Copa?

  • Having seats that are comfortable and suit your preferences makes the trip more worthwhile. You have the option to choose your seat assignment in advance with Copa Airlines. With the Copa airlines seat selection, you can reserve either an aisle or a window seat. With Copa Airlines, you may relax in the chair of your choosing while receiving first-rate service.

    Process for Copa Airlines seat selection


    Copa Airlines offers two ways for customers to reserve seats. One is making a reservation online, and the other is calling the reservation office.


    Copa seat selection via Online Mode:


    • Go to the Copa Airlines website and select the "Book Ticket" tab. 

    • Mention the places of arrival and departure. 

    • Indicate the date of travel and the number of passengers. 

    • Choose one of the available flights based on your preferences. 

    • You now have the choice to choose the seats in advance. Choose and confirm your seats. 

    • Make a payment online for booking a seat.

    Copa seat selection via call:


    • Call on the Copa airlines customer service phone number.

    • Then, listen to the on-call menu.

    • When you get in touch with the live person at Copa, tell them that you have to make a seat selection.

    • Share your flight details with the Copa airlines live person.


    How to choose a seat in advance using Copa Airlines' seat selection system? 


    There are two approaches to assigning seats in advance:


    After ticket purchasing


    •  Access the "My Trips" section of the website or app after buying your ticket and up to 24 hours before takeoff. 

    • You can get in touch with the reservation department as well. 

    • You can also go to the Copa Airline Sales Offices as an alternative. 


    At the time of Check-in

    • Access the "Web check-in" platform 24 hours before the departure of your flight on the website or app.