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The Big Questions: The Concepts of Prayer and Miracles

  • Does petitioning God work? Not a snowball's opportunity in Hell - not that there truly is a Hell obviously. The reality is obviously, assuming petitioning heaven truly worked, there would be a marvel in that we'd all be lotto victors or if nothing else pretty rich and well known! We'd be all out victories at our positions, in our connections, have amazing accomplices and wonderful youngsters. Furthermore, our vehicles wouldn't stall! Further, the sun would gleam down on us the entire lives.

    Regardless of whether we as a whole only petitioned God for good things as a rule, not private things specifically, and in the event that our generous petitions to heaven truly worked, there would be no sickness or enduring or wrongdoing or wars, and so on. We'd all live in an idealistic Camelot. ACIM In any case, we don't! All in all, come each Christmas and Easter, the Pope openly petitions God for world harmony. That is honorable of him. In any case, come next Christmas and Easter, he needs to do everything over once more! Presently in the event that the Pope can't come by results, what expect the extraordinary unwashed?

    Since an outcome, that is to say, world harmony (as one of numerous potential models), hasn't occurred; it's clearly not the situation, then, at that point, either God doesn't exist, or doesn't answer supplications. On the off chance that the last option, God doesn't give a handymen damn about us, so for what reason would it be a good idea for us to give a handymen damn about Him (once more, being customary and expecting to be the manly)? In the event that we don't care a whole lot, then Divine beings presence, or absence of presence, is fundamentally unimportant.

    Consider that large number of trillions of worker hours (sorry, individual hours) squandered throughout the hundreds of years by those in quest for a deception - that supplicating brought results. Do you truly suppose our present reality is a superior spot for all that time, exertion and energy? No? Then, at that point, I say once more - what a waste. Further, no academic investigations at any point finished on the advantageous aftereffects of imploring have at any point shown that asking works.