Mindblowing Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essay In 2022

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    Mind-blowing Topic Ideas

    1.   Rising sea level a new global challenge
    2.   How can America contribute to reducing global warming?
    3.   Climate Change: A Myth or Reality
    4.   Use of raw wood: A major cause of deforestation
    5.   Can the American government fight littering?
    6.   America and the world's largest number of immigrants
    7.   Global immigration is a new challenge for officials
    8.   How do illegal immigrants contribute to the American economy?
    9.   Are illegal immigrants associated with gangs and terrorism?
    10. European Union best example of border regulations
    11. How and why security cameras can violate basic rules of privacy?
    12. How fracking is bad for the environment?
    13. Why should college education be free for bright students?
    14. Is corporal punishment moral and ethical?
    15. Racial discrimination in the United States of America
    16. Should polygamy be legally allowed in America?
    17. Lesbian couples should be allowed to adopt abandoned kids
    18. Why torture is not helpful in interrogation?
    19. The use of stem cells: A revolutionary invention
    20. The use of genetically modified products should have limitations


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