What is the basic structure of G506 Mask Automatic Filter Perfo

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    Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester is used to test the filtration performance of filter elements, disposable masks, filter media and other materials of respiratory protection products. It is suitable for safety testing of such products, evaluation of basic filtration performance and development guidance for new products.

    Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester basic structure:
    1. Dust generation system: The compressed air filter system cooperates with the aerosol generator to provide a certain amount of test dust;
    2. Test cavity: the main test cavity and the sample holder;
    3. Monitoring and adjustment system: pressure monitoring and adjustment, providing a dynamic test environment;
    4. Results display and analysis system: monitor the aerosol and display the test results, provided by Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

    Test parameters:
    1. Aerosol Type: PAO, DOP, DEHS, NaCl, Paraffin
    2. Mass median diameter: 0.26μm
    3. Number median diameter: 0.075μm
    4. Aerosol concentration: 12~20mg/m3
    5. Aerosol detection method: near forward light scattering
    6. Measuring range: 0.0001~200mg/m3


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