What is the operation process of UV aging test chamber?

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    Operation of UV aging test chamber:
    1. It should be firmly placed on a flat site that avoids strong airflow and strong magnetic field.
    2. The test enclosure shall be reliably grounded.
    3. The operating temperature of the UV type high and low temperature box should not exceed 30 ℃, ensuring that the average temperature is 21 ~ 27 ℃.
    4. Carefully remove the dust, rust, waste and residual water stains in the test area.
    5. Open the chamber door and introduce double distilled water into the test chamber. The water surface should be close to the drainage drying tank.
    6. Prepare a reference template with the same composition and structure as the sample and the same model and specification, and determine its characteristics according to the standard outdoor exposure test or other methods. In the case of rationalization, the damage method and the tested raw materials have performance indicators with good objectivity, while the other kind has performance indicators with poor objectivity. In order to ensure the data analysis and evaluation of test results, various samples and reference samples should be prepared in several copies.
    7. Install the sample and the reference template on the wall of the sample to ensure that the clamping is reliable and symmetrical. It is recommended to fill the gap with blank page templates to maintain consistent test specifications.
    8. Close the door.
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