Features of horizontal and vertical combustion tester

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    The horizontal and vertical combustion tester is used to simulate the early conditions of fire in the surrounding environment of electronic and electrical products. It is used to simulate the technical assessment of the fire risk. When the surrounding of the product is on fire, it is ensured that the fire will not spread. The test equipment is suitable for electrical and electronic components, parts and components of household appliances, such as insulating casings, switch panels, printed circuit boards and insulating materials of household appliances. This type of UL94 horizontal and vertical combustion tester is designed to test the flammability properties of equipment and appliance components. Many test indicators used in end-use applications such as flammability, burning rate, flame spread, burning intensity and product flame retardant properties. are all detectable.

    Applicable standards:

    GB/T 2408, GB/T 13488, ISO 1210, UL94 V-0 V-1 V-2, ASTM/D 635 4804 3801, IEC707, IEC60695-11-10 standards.

    main feature:

    1. Programmable controller touch screen + PLC control, to achieve multi-functional control/detection/calculation/data display.

    2. High degree of automation: automatic recording of test time, automatic display of test results, automatic timing, automatic ignition, automatic return of the Bunsen burner after the end of the flame application, and the option to turn off the gas.

    3. When starting, you can choose whether to automatically ignite or not.

    4. The front, back, up, and down advance and retreat of the sample clip can be controlled by touch screen. Start, stop, gas, timing, ignition, save, save, lighting, and exhaust are all controlled by touch screen, and the test can be completed with a touch of fingertips.

    5. The timing button cooperates with PLC to automatically record and store the burning time.

    6. The test time system is automatically recorded and the test results are generated.

    PS: (WLJCDM809-W)
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