• Since Instagram's limited-time updates have 24 hours, they will disappear after the expiration, so when you see your favorite Instagram's limited-time updates, you may want to download them to your phone or computer to store them, so that you can not only save them but also use them for future use. For reference.

    This article will recommend three websites for you to download IG's limited-time and selected updates. Whether you are using an iPhone, Android, or computer, you can easily download and store them without additional app downloads.


    Download IG limited & featured news

    This article will introduce and recommend the following useful websites in order, allowing you to download IG's limited-time and selected updates:

    • Insta-stories
    • igstorie



    INGRAMER is a website that I like to use very much. It can download photos, videos, pics of IG posts, and of course, you can download limited-time updates. After opening the website, enter" @ + IG account ", such as "@justinbieber", and click "SEARCH ".

    Scroll down, and firstly you will see the current limited-time news of the account. Click "Download" to download it to your mobile phone or computer, and in the "HIGHLIGHTS" section, there are selected news, and you can also click Download to download it.



    The second recommended website is "Insta-stories. " After opening the website, enter the other party's IG account in the middle field, and then send it.

    Then you will first see the IG "Featured News" of the account, click it to download, and then continue to slide down to see the "Limited Time News" and click "Download" to download photos or videos.



    Igstorie should be the IG download website that many people have used. After clicking on the website, directly enter the IG account that you want to download and limit in the middle field, and then click "DOWNLOAD. "

    Next, you will first see two options:

    • Preview/Download Stories: Watch anonymously or download IG limited editions
    • Watch/Download Highlights: Watch anonymously or download IG Featured Restrictions

    After selecting, you can click "Play" to view the limited-time dynamic or click "Download" to download.



    The above are the three practical IG time-limited dynamic and selected dynamic download websites introduced in this article. Whether you are an iPhone, Android mobile phone, or using Windows Mac, you can refer to the websites recommended in this article!

    Source: https://storiesdown.com