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digital technology has transformed almost all aspects

  • Negatives of Digital Technology
    In the past decade, digital technology has transformed almost all aspects of our lives. There are many areas transformed by digital technology such as shopping, music and movies long-distance communications, transportation and travel, in addition to office work and shopping. It is now uncommon to find huge electronic equipment or gadgets that do not include the latest technology in digital.
    Digital technology often means that devices have become smaller, lighter than ever and faster than ever. Digital technology allows huge amounts of information to be saved remotely or locally and can be moved quickly from one location to another. The term "information" is now encompassing audio, video and other media. Instead of only letters and numbers, it also includes photos. It's also simpler to alter the information: it is possible to edit images as well as music, films, etc.
    Data Security
    Digital technology allows for huge amounts of data can be collected and stored. This could include private information about individuals or companies. It can be extremely difficult for the data to remain secure. A breach could lead to large amounts of private data being stolen by criminals, terrorists or business rivals, as well as foreign adversaries as well as other malicious organizations.
    Crime and Terrorism
    Because of its global nature with its large-scale and privacy, the web can provide a perfect platform for malicious forces to take over. Examples of this include: terrorists using social media platforms to advertise their own cause and inspire others to join; drug dealers using the dark web for sell and pedophiles who use chat rooms and other places to groom potential victims, exchange photos and videos, as well as other data as well as authoritarian regimes trying to influence or alter elections in democratic countries.
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    The workings and mechanisms behind the machines and devices we interact with every day are not understood. Modern cars require interaction with computers. Using a phone can involve tackling all sorts of complicated configurations. Minor mistakes on the part of a laptop can result in significant downtime and additional expense.