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The key to success New Year's Resolutions

  • The key to success New Year's Resolutions

    It doesn't matter whether you like or dislike the idea that we all have the same pressures each year: to put together something special and wear our best clothes. Like Prince to celebrate like it was 1999. It's just a date on the calendar. Hence, why are we so enthusiastic about it.

    Different celebrations have common themes

    The 31st of December marks the conclusion and beginning of something new. This day allows us to reflect on all that we have accomplished in the last 12 months. It's an opportunity to celebrate the positive changes and to overcome obstacles. It is also an occasion to recognize our capacity to endure. Humans are wired to navigate life's turbulent waters. There's nothing better than celebrating New Year’s Eve with a toast to having been through another year.

    New Year is so meaningful for so many people, that there are so many traditions and celebrations across the world. But there are certain common themes that are common to all cultures.

    Traditions used to repel bad luck, usually involving fireworks or loud noises: In Scotland, village men are seen carrying huge fireballs over their heads. In Denmark, residents throw old glasses and plates against the doors of their friends and family to cast out negative spirits.

    Traditions to bring good luck: In Spain for example, as the clock goes off at midnight, the people eat 12 grapes which are meant to represent the 12 months of the year.

    Acts of renewal and beginning over. For example, in Siberia where trees are planted under frozen lakes and rivers and in Johannesburg, South Africa where people throw furniture out of the window to signal a new beginning.

    The ability to predict the future is also a method used by many societies. The Germans as well as other cultures use molten lead to dissolve in water and can predict major events for the coming year based on the shape of their lead drops. The holiday is so well-known and varied across the globe It must be something meaningful and significant to the human brain.

    New Year is the time to reflect and contemplate change. So, it's no surprise that New Year resolutions remain very popular. It doesn't matter if you'd like to be more connected with your loved ones or reduce your work hours, quit smoking or save money or improve your grades, New Year will help you focus on the things you can do to better yourself.

    There are many instances of humanity's desire to control the future. Resolutions are an example of this universal human desire. Because the future is unpredictable, we don't know how to protect ourselves. To counter this dreadful insecurity, we must take action to manage.

    How to set a goal for the new year.

    The reality is that New Year's resolutions tend to be a complete failure. Richard Wiseman, British psychologist discovered that 88% of people did not achieve their New Year's resolutions after one year. However 52% of them were sure they could.

    Your best shot at success is with a goal that you can achieve and which is meaningful. There's a chance that you've made prior resolutions that failed. Maybe they were inspired by the advice of society or someone else had to tell you to do. Or maybe they were not clear enough.

    Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit suggests that in order to end a bad habit, it is necessary to break it into its three components: trigger, routine, and reward. For instance bad habit: spending too much money; cue: the beginning of month; routine: placing an order excessively online after work and reward: acquiring many new items. If you can identify your cues you may be able to alter your habits and look for alternatives to the ones you've been using.

    Try to be optimistic, but be realistic. Make an agenda, but remain flexible if life gets in the way. You don't have to do it all: The benefit of setting a New Year's resolution is that you'll have plenty of company when you try to change your life.

    When you first go back to the habits, don't do it again. "If you mess up the best thing you can do is pretend that it didn't happen. Duhigg advised that you don't take a negative stance. "Just start your day the next morning and pretend that you didn't slip, and then go back to the way you started.

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    The most important thing is? To be kind to yourself. The voice inside of us can be a harsh critic at times and it pays to imagine you are encouraging a child when admonishing yourself. The initial 20 attempts to make an improvement didn't succeed. There's always the 21st day of January, or perhaps next New Years Eve.