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Opportunities and Challenges

  • Mother of a child who is hearing impaired about her journey into the hearing world

    Eyad’s mother discovered her son was hearing impaired when he was just one. However, it only drove her to provide the best assistance to her son. Eyad was a success in all areas of life because of it. Eyad's mother, Fatima Samir, tells us about the greatest challenges she has experienced during her journey with Eyad and the way she has overcome the obstacles.

    How did you discover the fact that Eyad has a hearing problem.

    Eyad, one year old, wasn't sensitive to any auditory stimulation. He also did not respond well to sound at any level. Eyad also refused to speak, even simple words such as Mum or Dad. Therefore I decided to go to Eyad to an audiogram on the recommendation of his pediatrician. We found out that he had a severe hearing loss.

    What did you feel at that moment?

    Of course I was shocked by this, it was completely unplanned. The family we live in has never experienced hearing problems prior to this, and no one I know has ever experienced them. It was the first time I experienced hearing loss and what it meant.

    What were your challenges during that time?

    Eyad was having a hard communication with him. He was aware of the world around him but was not able to express his demands or needs. This adversely affected his mood, making him anxious and temperamental.

    What did your team do to solve this issue?

    Eyad wore regular hearing aids for three weeks, which was accompanied by frequent check-ups. However, they did not improve his hearing. We concluded that Eyad required surgery to fix his cochlear implants. We made this decision quickly.

    He was one at ten and nine months old. In four years, he had reached the age of six and we had successfully bridged the gap between chronological and auditory/linguistic age. You would not notice any difference between him and other child of his age from a linguistic perspective.

    Why did Eyad decide to get second implant cochlear?

    Eyad was bilaterally implanted by me, which means he has a second implant in the opposite one of his ears. This is because it's more effective to hear with two ears rather than with one. This is the way humans came to be. Eyad can hear through both ears, which expands the auditory cortex of the brain and allows him to recognize sound sources. This improves his ability and his concentration in life in general.Two Ears Come As Standard Equipment

    An article about the reasons why hearing both ears is necessary to see all aspects of your daily life.

    My message to the parents of children who suffer from hearing loss similar to Eyad is to be supportive and love their children. I urge parents and their guardians to provide their children with the best quality education in linguistics. In order to help them develop in social and everyday life skills as well as psychological support. This will help them feel secure and secure within the family. It is also crucial that parents are constant in their efforts.
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    Love and support are the most wonderful thing.

    It may be a shock for parents to learn that their child has a hearing impairment. Parents can overcome the challenge with love, support, persistence, and perseverance. Eyad's mother was aware of this and provided all the support and love that he needed. This could open up new possibilities for him.