What kinds of aging test chamber are included?

  • Aging test box is a general term for a product in the environmental testing industry, which includes: ozone aging, ultraviolet aging, xenon lamp aging, high temperature aging, salt spray corrosion aging... and other aging test methods. The aging test chamber is one of the more important types of artificial environment climate test methods.

    1. Ozone aging: It can be used for rubber products, such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, etc., so that it can be carried out in a sealed, dull, air with constant ozone concentration and constant temperature conditions. Test the sample within a specified time, and evaluate its anti-ozone aging ability from the degree of cracking or other property changes on its surface.

    2. Ultraviolet aging: The test box uses a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as a light source, and obtains the results of the climate resistance test by simulating ultraviolet light and condensation in natural sunlight. In natural climates, environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness, etc. can be simulated, and by reproducing these conditions, they can be combined into a cycle to automatically complete the number of cycles.

    3. Xenon lamp aging: Using the xenon arc light source that can simulate all-day photography, replicate the destructive light waves existing in various environments, and provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated tests for scientific research, product development, and quality control.

    4. High temperature aging: It is a test equipment used to test and identify the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials after high temperature or normal temperature tests in aviation, automobiles, household appliances, scientific research and other fields.

    5. Salt spray corrosion and aging: By testing the salt spray corrosion ability of materials and their protective layers, and comparing with the process quality of similar protective coatings, the salt spray corrosion resistance of certain products can be tested at the same time; parts manufacturing, electronic devices, metal The protective coating of materials and the salt spray corrosion test of industrial products can be divided into: neutral salt spray test, acid salt spray test, and copper will accelerate acetate spray test according to the test requirements.

    There are many types of aging test boxes. When you buy, you should first understand what you need before purchasing.

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