Amazing Spider-Man Celebrates 900 Issues With 13 Spectacular

  • This summer, The Amazing Spider-Man series will hit its landmark 900th issue, and to celebrate, Marvel has unveiled 13 variant covers that are nothing short of spectacular. Spider-Man has become a cherished Marvel character ever since his creation in 1962. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the world-renowned Webhead has fought off countless foes to protect New York City. He's more than just another hero in the Marvel Universe though - he's a pop culture icon.

    The creation of Spider-Man also led to a series of new Spider heroes inspired by the Wall Crawler. Characters like Silk, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman and even Spider-Ham all stemmed from the classic character to create the Spider-Verse. Of course, none of this would have happened had it not been for the series that started it all: The Amazing Spider-Man. While this wasn't necessarily Spider-Man's debut as his first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15, The Amazing Spider-Man set the standard for what people expect when they hear the name "Spider-Man," and Marvel has come up with an amazing way to celebrate the series.

    The 900th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, titled The Amazing Spider-Man #6 by Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness, is expected to hit store shelves on July 27th, 2022. Since this will be a momentous occasion, Marvel has unveiled 13 total covers which fans of the series can choose from to add to their collection. Each cover features artwork from various artists that celebrate the legacy that the series has left behind. There's a lot of them to go through, so here are the covers in the order revealed by Marvel Comics.

    Starting things off is the base cover by John Romita Jr. which features Spider-Man being attacked by the notorious Sinister Six: Sandman, Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Electro. Fans can expect to pick up The Amazing Spider-Man #6 on July 27th, 2022 at their local comic book store. With 13 exciting covers to choose from, it's going to make picking the issue up tricky as it'll be tough to choose which is best. Whether it features the Webhead himself or showcases the legacy he's left behind, this is such an amazing move by Marvel to show just how influential The Amazing Spider-Man has become over the past 60 years.

    Supernatural's Dean Narrates The Winchesters Prequel & Sam Doesn't

    The Supernatural prequel series The Winchesters is coming to The CW, but only one Winchester brother is narrating, and that's Dean, not Sam. In fall 2020, the beloved series Supernatural came to an end after 15 largely successful seasons, cementing its place as one of the longest-running weekly dramas of all time. While the final episodes were compromised a bit by COVID-19 concerns, the show did at least get a proper ending, unlikely many programs in the pandemic era. Unsurprisingly, The CW doesn't want to let Supernatural's loyal fanbase go, leading to the 2021 announcement that a prequel spinoff called The Winchesters was on the way.

    The Winchesters will focus on younger versions of parents John and Mary Winchester tangling with monsters, although it remains to be seen just how much the established continuity will have to be bent to accomplish that. After all, the original Supernatural timeline establishes that John didn't become a hunter of monsters until after Mary's death, and wasn't even aware of monsters until that point. To be fair, this isn't the first time Supernatural has retconned its timeline. To help tie The Winchesters prequel directly to Supernatural, Jensen Ackles is set to reprise his role of Dean Winchester, providing narration for his parents' adventures. That's a definite boost for The Winchesters' credibility as a spinoff, but it also begs the question of why Jared Padalecki's Sam isn't participating as well. As far as real life goes, this is likely due to Ackles himself having helped spearhead The Winchesters project, working behind the scenes as a producer. Padalecki famously didn't know about the Supernatural prequel until it was first reported by the media, leading to a brief rift between the two longtime co-stars and best friends.

    Ackles and Padalecki have long since cleared the air and confirmed publicly that they're back on good terms. Even knowing that though, it still makes sense that Padalecki isn't involved with The Winchesters, as he's currently busy as both executive producer and star of The CW's Walker, a loose reboot of Chuck Norris' Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker has been renewed for season 3, and a Walker prequel is also on the way with Padalecki again an executive producer. He likely just doesn't have the time to come in and record voice over for The Winchesters due to his other commitments. Aside from real-life scheduling concerns, a possible in-universe explanation for the Supernatural's frequently killed Dean flying solo on The Winchesters narration is that being the older brother, he was the only one to be around for a considerable period of John and Mary's time as a married couple. Mary was killed by Azazel when Sam was just a baby, after all. Plus, Dean was always the brother who really respected and revered his father, spending most of Supernatural's run staunchly defending John from Sam's complaints about how the two boys had been raised. Considering that both Dean and Sam are canonically dead and in Heaven following Supernatural's series finale, though, it'll be interesting to see when in the Supernatural timeline Dean decides to go on a mission of discovery about his parents' past exploits.

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