Fantastic 4 Art Turns MacFarlane's The Orville Captain into Ree

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    Fun new Fantastic 4 fan art transforms Seth MacFarlane's The Orville captain Ed Mercer into Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic. Seth MacFarlane’s captain from The Orville becomes the Fantastic 4’s Reed Richards in new fan art. It’s been seven years since 20th Century Fox last tried to make a movie franchise out of classic Marvel comics title The Fantastic Four. But now of course Fox has been absorbed into Disney, firing fan hopes that Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm will soon make their MCU debut.

    Indeed Disney seems happy to at least tease the possibility of The Fantastic Four joining the MCU, as they gave Reed Richards a brief cameo in the new blockbuster Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And just to make fans that much more excited, Disney even went along with fancasting dreams by hiring John Krasinski to play Richards. Of course no further Fantastic Four plans have been announced and indeed Krasinski’s appearance as Richards in Doctor Strange 2 could still turn out to have been an amusing one-off. If in fact Krasinski doesn’t end up scoring the role of Richards in a seemingly-inevitable Fantastic Four MCU movie, there might be a new contender for the role. In new fan art, BossLogic tweaks an image of The Orville creator and star MacFarlane as his character Ed Mercer to look like Reed Richards, and it’s sort of perfect.

    Fancasting Reed Richards is of course a popular pastime on the internet, which is no surprise given how beloved The Fantastic Four remains in the eyes of fans. Obviously Krasinski is and has long been the front-runner to play Richards at least among the fanbase, and his recent Doctor Strange 2 cameo seems to give him a leg up in reality too. But other actors have in fact been put forth as candidates to play Reed Richards, including such big names as Colin Farrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Lincoln, Jon Hamm and Keanu Reeves. MacFarlane on the other hand is not a performer who often shows up in Reed Richards fancasting rundowns. Of course Boss Logic’s new MacFarlane-as-Richards fan art is less about fancasting The Fantastic Four and more about the artist noting how much the uniforms on The Orville resemble the iconic Fantastic Four costumes. But in fact MacFarlane does look like a proper Reed Richards in the image and perhaps his name should be thrown into the mix more often. On the other hand, it could be argued that the comedy-leaning MacFarlane really doesn’t have the dramatic chops to play the leader of the Fantastic Four. As of now, Krasinski remains the front-runner to become Richards when/if that MCU Fantastic 4 movie comes to fruition, but of course nothing is set in stone.

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