Corum Big Bubble 3D SKULL L390 / 03337 - 390.101.95 / 0371 SK01

  • Corum Big Bubble 3D SKULL L390 / 03337 - 390.101.95 / 0371 SK01 Replica watch

    How about Corum Bubble watch ?

    Founded in 1955, Corum Corum table, although there is no centennial watch factory often brilliant history, but in the efforts of Corum, into their own style, let 'time' become interesting. In 2005, the 50th anniversary of Corum, Corum also launched the tourbillon tri-ask table with a global limit with accumulated watch-making skills for many years.

    If you are a player clock, must appreciate the complexity of 3 q table, if not, should also hear the tourbillon is how sophisticated structure, and Corum to combine the two, at the same time more will be placed on the dial percussion mechanism of the clock upside down, produce different interest, after striking out more with lingering sound of Westminster bells ringing in the time, quite special.

    Corum watch is full of infinite creative energy, each has its unique, its watch can be divided into five series: design series, classic heritage series, romantic series, expensive series, jewelry series.

    Corum table using ETA movement, replica watches uk modeling is good, very personality, the price is not cheap. Some people say Corum said very handsome table, feeling is art film, where with some historical markers.

    The selling price of Corum watch varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan, belong to a class table, Corum table into the time of mainland China is late, plus its expensive price, he is more general in China's popularity, but in love table is absolutely not minority.Since its founding in 1955, Corum has been characterized by its unique creativity and outstanding timing. In 2015, in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, Corum yanzheng founded the beginning of the spirit of the concept, specially designed and launched admiral cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon watch, rebuild the advanced complex function tabulation image, make this watch not only has practical characteristics and extremely far-reaching significance. The tourbillon device, which began in the 19th century to improve the accuracy of wristwatches, has become the embodiment of the ingenious ingenuity of Swiss micromachines, or arguably the industry's most famous complex function. Tourbillon is so precious that it can only be appreciated by chance on certain occasions. Corum launched the admiral cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon wristwatch with unique and ingenious conception, hoping to change the traditional concept of tourbillon. The admiral cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon is an elaborately crafted wrist watch that is crafted and durable for the wearer buy replicas watch to enjoy every day.

    To ensure enough flexibility, the tourbillon frame was mounted on an enlarged ceramic ball bearing, and the traditional brass splint and substrate were replaced by stainless steel. The strength and hardness of this material enabled the tourbillon to float in the air with extraordinary visual effects. The base and splint are fixed at four and eight o 'clock positions on both sides of the movement, and the tourbillon appears to be suspended in midair, but is actually connected to the splint by two slender steel arms.

    Look through the smoked sapphire glass to see the fine straight grain decoration on the substrate and the red gilt Corum logo at 9 o 'clock. Then it is based on the disk CAM control of the reverse date display window, every day, the pointer will reverse jump a grid, until the end of the 31st, and then directly jump back to the "1" position, marking the beginning of a new month. From the bottom of the watch can also see the panoramic view of the movement, the traditional pendulum tuo will block tourbillon, this admiral cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon watch built-in CO 016 movement, equipped with pearl tuo, engraved with the 18K red gold Corum logo. With a diameter of only 17 mm, the pearl tuft is double the efficiency of the chain, and the mainspring power storage can reach up to 72 hours, providing power for both the movement and tourbillon operation, which is undoubtedly a remarkable technical achievement. We can also feel the ultimate beauty of this high quality replica watches through more small details.