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Angularjs Interview Questions Part - 5

  • • What is the difference between AngularJS and Backbone.js?

    • What is Elucidate jQlite?

    • What are the features supported by Angular and jQuery?

    • What is the web browser does the Angular JS is well -suited with?

    • What is the use of $ watch?

    • Explain the purpose of the $root scope?

    • What is the purpose of ng-init?

    • Could the parent controller access the methods of a child controller or vice versa?

    • Can we use a ternary operator in Angular Expression?

    • Elucidate the Architecture of AngularJS?

    • What is UI Routing in AngularJS?

    • What is ng-include directive in AngularJS?

    • What are Events in Angular JS and list the events you know in AngularJS?

    • Explain how will you do Animation in AngularJS?

    • How would you send the HTTP post request in AngularJS?


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