Angularjs Interview Questions Part - 4

  • Angularjs Interview Questions Part - 4


    • Where could we implement the DOM manipulations in the AngularJS?

    • What is the concept of Scope Hierarchy?

    • How does the Scope Hierarchy look like?

    • How should we show the scope variable that it should have one-time binding only?

    • What is an AOT?

    • What is the ng-bind template and ng-non-bind able template?

    • Write the syntax of the Factory method in AngularJS?

    • What are the types of components where we could create custom directives?

    • What is the life cycle of the Digest Cycle in Angular?

    • What is AngularJS Global API?

    • Write the Syntax for Provider method in AngularJS?

    • What are the types of filters in Angular?

    • Write the syntax for creating the new date object?

    • How would you disable the control or element in the AngularJS?

    • How will you create a Service in AngularJS?

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