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Angularjs Interview Questions Part - 3

  • Part 3 - Angularjs Interview Questions

    • What are the characteristics of “Scope”?

    • Write the difference between compile and link in AngularJS?

    • Where is Angular is used mainly for?

    • What do you mean by Angular Expressions?

    • What do you mean by a provider in Angular?

    • Explain briefly about Scope in Angular?

    • What is the step to configure the Angular App(ng-app)?

    • What are Cookies in AngularJS?

    • What are the types of Directive scopes in AngularJS?

    • What is Session Storage and Local Storage?

    • Do Angular supports nested controllers?

    • What is the role of $route Provider in AngularJS?

    • Write the ways you can communicate between the application modules using the core Angular functionality?

    • What is the basic distinction between $scope and scope?

    • Differentiate between Angular expressions and JavaScript expressions

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