Angularjs Interview Questions Part - 2

  • Here are the part – 2 interview questions for Angularjs

    • String interpolation in AngularJS?

    • Steps used for the compilation process of HTML that happens?

    • What is the ng-app directive?

    • What is MVC?

    • What are the types of Directives?

    • Explain any three core directives of AngularJS briefly?

    • What is a Linking function and list the types of Linking function?

    • Distinguish between AngularJS and Angular.

    • What is Annotation?

    • What is Decorator in AngularJS?

    • What is a factory method in AngularJS?

    • List the styling form that ng Model adds to the CSS classes?

    • What is the boost process in AngularJS?

    • Explain the types of Linking functions in detail?

    • Elucidate injector in AngularJS?

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