Angularjs Interview Questions Part - 1

  • AngularJS continues to be the most popular JavaScript framework. The Angular JS framework is said to be the most trustworthy and reliable framework among web developers who desire to work in web frameworks or web development. The need for AngularJS Developers is now increasing at a constant rate.

    • Explain what you know about Angular JS in short?

    • What do you mean by Service in AngularJS?

    • Explain Data binding in AngularJS?

    • What is the controller in AngularJS?

    • What are the key features of AngularJS?

    • With multiple options on the page load, how do you initialize the select box?

    • What is the role of filters in AngularJS?

    • List the advantages of using AngularJS?

    • What are directives in AngularJS?

    • Elucidate templates in AngularJS

    • What are the commonly used directives in AngularJS? applications?

    • What do Angular JS routes do?

    • What are the types of Data Binding?

    • Explain what is deep linking in AngularJS?

    • What features make AngularJS better?

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