Dental Implants or Dental Bridges: What Should You Choose?

  • If you want strong and healthy teeth, you need to maintain your oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene is one of the main reasons why you may be prone to gum and teeth disease. Believe it or not, but this may also be one of the reasons why your tooth is missing.

    Tooth replacement can be pretty expensive. If you want such a solution, you can consider reaching out to a dental clinic in Delhi. Thanks to the rapid advancement in technologies, people have various solutions for fixing the problems. Dental bridges and dental implants are definitely some of the most common ways to get rid of problems. Let's take a look at them and how they can be helpful.

    What are dental bridges?

    If you want to get dental bridges, you need to get in touch with the best dental clinic in Delhi. The main purpose of dental bridges is to close the gap between one or various missing teeth. It helps to cover up the two or more crowns. The anchoring teeth are however known as abutment teeth.

    The dental bridges are supported by natural teeth and implants. Because of gaps, many people become underconfident. Therefore, applying dental bridges will help to restore the confidence in kids. The best dental clinic in India provides proper dental bridge installation that allows people to speak, chew and eat properly.

    The use of dental bridges also plays an important role in maintaining the natural shape or face. It helps to maintain the natural position.

    What are dental implants?

    Dental implants, on the other hand, provide a strong foundation for the teeth. They are fixed or may be removable depending on your needs. The dental implants are hailed to be one of the best replacements for tooth root and helps to match the natural teeth.

    The use of dental implants also helps in providing a better appearance to the face. Furthermore, it also helps to treat speech issues. Since these are convenient, dental implants can last for a long time.

    What should you choose?

    If you have dental issues, you should reach out to the best dental clinic in South Delhi. The right company will play an important role in treating the condition. What you should choose completely depends on what your dental condition is, and what you want.

    If you want to get dental implants, you will need to consider various factors such as oral hygiene, bone health and more. These are meant to ensure the implants have longevity. If these are maintained properly, dental implants will last long.

    The success rate of dental implants is far better than dental bridges. Nonetheless, what is more beneficial will vary depending on the jaw location. Dental implants can last a long time. If you are getting dental bridges, there is always a risk of tooth decay. 

    Unlike dental implants, dental bridges need constant cleaning. Therefore, it can as well be said that dental implants are far more convenient than dental bridges. What you choose completely depends on what your requirements are. Therefore, reach out to the best dental clinic in Delhi to understand what you should get depending on the condition.