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Hello I am Bhumika Malhotra, working as a Goa Independent Escort . I belong to an affluent and prestigious Punjabi family. So, it is clear that I am in this industry not solely to earn money. My preferences may differ from other escorts. I usually prefer quality over quantity. I am selective and tasteful while accepting money for sex. As a Goa Call Girls , I see my clients very discerningly and staringly. I am very picky and choosy, with whom I see as clients. As I am not solely looking for money, and thus I look for a man with whom I can potentially enjoy. I choose a man with whom I think would have a positive experience, irrespective of his social and financial status. Chandigarh Escorts like clients with decency, respect, pleasure and generosity. My clients show respect by being considerate, polite and treating me with equal status. It is a general assumption that escorts are willing to have sex with anyone, who offers money and escorts strongly prefer wealthy clients. It may be true for others but partially in my case as I choose my clients very discerningly. Thus, my own personal preferences differ from other escorts as I prefer generous clients. but generosity does not essentially mean that the person is wealthy or rich. I have met with many generous men from different social strata and would like to meet more in future.

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